The purpose of optional grading is to give each I Liq Chuan student the confidence of knowing that their skill at each level tested has been verified and validated by an officially licensed instructor. It is not to limit materials available for students. Although students are graded only on materials in their own level, all students even beginners needs to explore materials taught at different levels to broaden their understanding of the relationships. It is up to the individual to what they can grasp and the grading system provide students with a clear guidance.
For examples, student level 1 and 2 are graded on the “15 Basic Exercises”, but would also needs to train spinning hands and various other exercises with the 13 points in mind. For a student level 6 who are graded on “Spinning Hands” their understanding of the exercise would be deeper and more precise than a student level 1 or 2 as they have gone through other levels that helps them see clearer.

With this validation, an I Liq Chuan student has the ability to go anywhere, I Liq Chuan classes, workshops and seminars are held in the United States and throughout the world and be recognized and respected for the skills achieved. Without this grading, an I Liq Chuan student, with no recognized standing in the system, would have no authoritative source to effectively answer any challenge of their opinions of, or instructions in the art of I Liq Chuan.
We offer opportunities for student to test for Instructor Levels as part of the learning process. Graded Instructor Level students are ready to teach their own class if they wish. Instructors are eligible to teach content in levels that they have been graded on. Licensed I Liq Chuan instructors are issued an official license from CFILC to host their own class, in additional to a certificate for passing their graded instructor level. Instructors are required to maintain their practice to stay current.
This grading system helps us all to maintain the purity of the art for generations to come.
There are 12 student levels and 7 instructor levels as outlined below.
Student Levels

Instructor Levels

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