GM Sam FS Chin’s Talk At Lazarski University

Published on Jul 19, 2013

“This is footage of the speech GM Sam F. S. Chin gave for the students of Lazarski University in Warsaw, Poland. I Liq Chuan trainings have been an option for passing the physical classes at this university since October 2012 and received high acclaim from their participants. Featured in the video are Master Alexander Skalozub, the chief ILC instructor for Russian speaking countries and Miro Kovacik, ILC instructor from Vienna, Austria. Regular trainings at the University are led by instructor Bartosz Samitowski.”

Learning law of nature – everything has its own “nature” – the character of the thing itself (ex. water, human)
Like the Beatle song, “Let it be”; to recognize things as they are (“as it is); can’t add or take away anything—then nature change.
Min. marker 3:30 What is ‘nature’? Changing ALL the time. Everything is evolving. It’s a process. If you can’t keep up with the process, you drop off.
CHANGE is the characteristic of Nature; to change you must be able to “Change with Change.”
Being “in the moment”; be PRESENT. In the moment. Keep up with the present. Why? Every moment hanges. If not in the NOW, your action is wrong…and you will do the wrong thing. Only if you keep up with the moment, only then is your PERCEPTION real.
I Liq Chuan shows you how to be in the moment, how to see your life, how to keep up with the world (6:10)
DISCIPLINE…but of what? We must know HOW to pay attention. How to build up the power of concentration. HOW the MIND works.
The mind is free and can concentrate…
TO HAVE THE RIGHT PERCEPTION (not illusion). ILC teaches you what is called “UNIFYING THE MIND.” A DYNAMIC meditation (or ‘stillness’ meditation). You need to have the power of concentration with the moment to have the power of concentration to observe what is going on.
Everything is based on RELATIONSHIP – cause and effect (ex. you with parents; loved one; teacher; friends). Everything has its LIMITS…and its positions. (where it stands)… [Here as Andy’s teacher/sifu; he has a place as a student]. In this way, you are building up a positive environment, where you can build up harmony and peace. It’s YOU YOURSELF that creates an environment. (If you are positive, environment is positive—and vice versa). But where is the MOTIVE? Why do you act this way? Why not act that way?
Understand how mind affects the body and the body affects the mind. In ILC we train first to understand what is the “Point of Contact”? Do you know how it combines?
(12:00 min. marker) There’s Object and Subject—and Consciousness comes in, as Point
of Contact is created. POC is where our senses…begin. What we see, what we hear, smell, taste, touch. And what we think. We call this the 6 senses of Point of contact.
Why? Most important thing is What’s your POINT OF REFERENCE that you act? Normally we act on point of feeling. What kind of feeling? You have only 3 kinds of feeling:
You like, you don’t like, you don’t know. What are these based on? Your EGO. (past reference….)As soon as you ‘judge’ (like, don’t like) you’ve already lost the chance…the opportunity. You’re closing yourself.
ILC teaches you: to see how the mind affects the body and how the body affects the mind. This understanding can help you to further your study; help you as you go out into the world, into society. IF you can’t CHANGE, you can’t succeed. You won’t have the adaptability. There are UNCERTAINTIES…and as these come, if you can’t handle these, you be done: stressed out.
ILC teaches you how to pinpoint; how to PLACE attention: at the MOMENT of the evolving action. This is the benefit of the MENTAL state.
Second, this is a body. We need to take care of the BODY—and keep it in good health. We need to understand the mechanism of the body movement, structure (ligaments, tendons, bone, and inner organs), for health. Of course, there’s conditioning for health, self-defense, for understanding conditions.
Disciplining: When you understand your Self, only then do you know how to USE yourself. If you can’t control yourself, you don’t know how to use your ‘self.’
(20:00) ILC teaches to understand CONDITION, SITUATION. So, if you see a situation of danger, you don’t walk into it—you walk away. Avoid danger. All this is part of the training.
Getting yourself in the proper situation. (FENG SHUI – Chinese belief: putting things in good coordination so it doesn’t disturb you.) [ex: chair in front of door…over time, will annoy you, affect you. Instead: more free flow, more open.
If anything happens you should be able to ….If you’ve learned MA, you have the CONFIDENCE to speak up. (not be bullied)…You can defend yourself…and walk away, not to get hurt.
(23:00) demonstration by students.
Yin and Yang – Tai Chi as ONE. Everything starts with 2 energies (as in computer 1, 0). Whole universals has 2 energies, cycling. These start with the REFERENCE of CENTER>
CENTER of Balance is NEUTRAL: physically neutral and mentally neutral. If you can’t feel neutral then you can’t change (so you’ll be stuck). There’s also unifying movement but first unify BODY.
First there is ABSORBING…and how you PROJECT (very simple movement, but it consists of everything has opening and closing).
Learn to recognize in the body; there’s a front…and a back. And up…and a down. Because every object has an CENTER OF MASS. 6 directions. 6 energies and 3 dimensions: this is the PRIMORDIAL / CORE. (The beginning of the energy)
(27:00) Horizontal dimension.—the PRIMARY FORCE: the universe is horizontal
Frontal; saggital.
The X, Y, and Z: ALL SPACE evolves out of this (these 3 planes)
5 Elements
Earth – 28 Hold the Ball you move to feel the relationship with the stomach and spleen (Chinese Medicine)
Metal (the SPLIT) – has the relationship with our LUNG and large intestine)
Water (relationship with the bladder and kidney)
Wood- liver and gall bladder
Fire – heart and small intestine; pericardium and triple heater
Spinning – pull push off balance; striking

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