CCTV Kung Fu Abroad 2016 – I Liq Chuan Documentary

I Liq Chuan is the fastest growing Chinese internal martial arts system in the world with certified instructors in over 20 countries.  It’s unique comprehensive grading system; a hallmark of I Liq Chuan – has proven to ensure a high level of quality control with the transmission of the art to future generations. 

 Once an art reserved only for ‘Masters’; today this same grading system has expanded the scope of the I Liq Chuan’s invaluable teachings, enhancing the lives of people living with blindness, physical handicaps, and the elderly.

I Liq Chuan is featured now in this documentary film which has now been viewed by hundred of millions of people worldwide. Watching this will give you a special glimpse into Master Sam Chin’s private life and his inspiring fortitude with his own health challenges.

After looking worldwide for over a year, CCTV decided to feature I Liq Chuan and the Chin family for this exploration of Chinese Martial Art Systems practiced outside of mainland China with comments by

  • New York Times Reporter and Pulitzer Prize Nominee – Alan Schwarz  at 14 min 36 sec
  • Dean & Professor of NYU Silver School of Social Work – Dr. Lynn Videka PhD at 14 min 54 sec
  • Stanford University Medical Center Program Director – Dr. Beverley Kane MD at 1 hour 5 min and 49 sec

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