ILC Competition

To observe the I Liq Chuan Martial Morality and self physical/mental state of mind. To allow participants to put their awareness training to test via instant touch.
 Two Event Categories 
Sticky Hands
Matching and Bridging
Sticky Hands

Setup and Rules:
Competitors stand in front stance, standing tall with extended arms. Both competitors must be within elbow grabbing range of each other.
One hand upper-hand, one hand lower-hand, contact is wrist to wrist.
Front leg toe touches demarcation line.
Alternate left and right hand position every touch.
During each touch at least one hand must remain in contact with opponent.
Round begins by the referee call.  
Competitors immediately begin to try to off-balance each other.
Matching and Bridging 

Setup and Rules:  
One half step back from palms touching.
Round begins by the referee call. 
Both competitors step forward to make hand or forearm contact and try to off-balance each other on contact.
General Rules 
Ritual bowing, first to head judge, then to referee, then to each other.
Each event consists of 6 touches (rounds). Each round is ended upon one of the three possibilities:
A successful off-balancing
Neither competitor is able to off-balance the other for 2 seconds
Referee can extend up to 3 seconds per round.
In the event of equal score, additional rounds are provided until the next point is achieved.
In a front stance requirement, each competitor can choose to put forward either their left or right leg in each round.
Although restricted step, feet can pivot and toes or heals can lift voluntarily.  If toes and heals are lifted from being off-balanced, point will be given.  
Can lift front leg for safety if placed back to original position without loss of balance.
You can pull or push the body, the hips, elbows and/or shoulders. Can pull by the back of the neck.
Point awarding system:
Of-balance – one point
Drop to the floor (hand, knee, or buttocks touches the floor) – two points
No point after 2 seconds
Reset when both parties are strength struggling
 Illegal actions:
Dropping hands, feet or leg contact, throat contact, face contact, striking, grabbing hair, grabbing clothes, effecting the joints against natural folding, any body penetration or invasive movements (body cavities, arm pits, soft tissue, etc.), finger or knuckle jabbing or pressing, head butting, biting, pinching, spitting, finger grabbing, offensive or aggressive language, distracting opponent, arguing with judges.
First illegal action – verbal warning
Second illegal action – take away one point
Third illegal action – disqualification
4 classifications by experience/levels/weight/gender – Advanced, Intermediate, Beginners, Female
***Any individual and/or organization wish to conduct tournament/competition with ILC Sticky Hands and/or Matching & Bridging events must inform CFILC.  
Individual organizers (ILC students, organizers, instructors, and/or non-ILC affiliated personel) bare the sole responsibility of any incidents occuring in any way related to the above mentioned events.  

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