How To Log In?

In order to help protect our website from spam and malicious hackers, all of our users are required to have a verified account with WordPress. This is similar to other third party security verification processes you may be familiar with like “Duo”.

If you would like to create an account please send us a message using the form below , then follow the additional instructions:

You will be sent an invitation to “join” and you will be sent an email with a button to click “Accept Invitation”. (see image below) Please note that this is not an automated process. A website administrator must manually review and approve every request, which can take 24-48 hours.

You will be sent to to create a password.  After you submit your password you will be logged in to (We know this is confusing).

You must close this window and return to and click the log in link in the top menu. These steps must be followed for the FIRST TIME log in only. After your account has been verified, you may log in to by simply clicking the log in link as normal.

If you have purchased a subscription, or membership and are not able to log in, please let us know using the contact form above after following the instructions provided here.

If you have already signed up for an account with us, please make sure you have a WordPress sign on to verify your account.  You can create a free WordPress sign on account here:  

Please make sure you use the same email address you used to create an account on our site.

If you have purchased a download and are having trouble, please see our FAQ here.

We all understand that this is very inconvenient, particularly if you have purchased a paid membership, and we are working with WordPress to provide a better solution.

However, security is very important for us to keep our website free of spam and malicious code, and for you, to protect your private information*.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

*Only your basic customer and member information is stored on our site.  No payment information is stored on  All payments are handled through Stripe, or PayPal.