Instructor License




CFILC makes a clear distinction between the I Liq Chuan Instructor grade
awarded for personal achievement within the I Liq Chuan learning curriculum
and the Licensed I Liq Chuan Instructor and Licensed I Liq Chuan Group Leader.

Achieving the grade of instructor alone does not license the student
to teach I Liq Chuan, grade I Liq Chuan students, use I Liq Chuan
copyrighted materials, or use I Liq Chuan trademark.

All Rights, Responsibilities, and Benefits of Licensed ILC Instructors and Licensed ILC Group Leaders can be found in the Instructor & Group Leader Rules and Regulations document (contact a site admin for a copy thereof).

Once payment has been received, you will receive a copy of your license from CFILC.

This fee must be paid annually. Please see aforementioned document for instructors continuing education requirements.


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