The History of I Liq Chuan

The history of I Liq Chuan is cryptic.

Chin Lik Keong is the Founder of the system. He studied martial arts from several masters including Sifu Lee Sum training Lee Style, Sifu Len training Phoenix Eye (the striking of meridian points), and his last Sifu was Lee Kam Chow training Feng Yang Lu Yi. Some people called it Lu Yie Pa Kua, Hsing-I Pa Kua or Liew Mun Pai (nomadic clan). It was a hidden martial art skill used by these nomads to protect themselves on the open roads and was not open to the public, and only passed down secretly. The higher levels of skill were kept for the family members only.

Through his years of training he realized and dissolved all the arts of his former training to the basic movement according to the nature of the human structure.

Grandmaster Chin continued his research and expanded on what he had learned. He came to the conclusion that it was an art of self-recognition and self-realization of both the mental (I) and the physical (Liq). Feeling uncomfortable with naming the art under any of the styles he named it I Liq Chuan.

In 1976 Grandmaster Chin formed the I Liq Chuan Association in Malaysia.

Grand Master Chin Lik Keong’s eldest son, and co-founder – Chin Fan Siong (Sam Chin) inherited the family art from his father and enhanced the fundamental nature of I Liq Chuan.

Master Sam Chin moved to the small town of Carmel New York (United States), and began working at the Chuang Yen Monastery. He had the opportunity of daily exposure to the teachings of world renowned visiting monks which expanded his study of Buddhist (Zen) philosophies.

This opportunity helped Master Sam Chin gain a deeper understanding of the concept of Awareness. He realized that Awareness was the heart of I Liq Chuan and this insight resulted in the tremendous improvement of I Liq Chuan as a complete martial art. In order to reach Western students and preserve the purity of the system, he created and implemented a complete educational structure which includes a teaching guide and grading system for students and instructors in order to promote and introduce I Liq Chuan to the world.

After years of hard work, Master Sam Chin has successfully spread the art to many different countries, including United States, Russia, Australia, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine and England. Master Sam Chin has instructed countless students and promoted a select few to the level of elite instructor.

Master Sam Chin’s arduous undertaking has resulted in an increased interest in the I Liq Chuan martial art all across the globe.

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