Recognizing Continuous Movement

“Knowing the present is flowing and
balancing with the moment”

~Grandmaster Sam FS Chin

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What does it mean to be living in the moment? What and when is the moment?  How to recognize it while in action?

What does it mean to be in the moment? What and when is the moment? Here we use Martial Art of Awareness and our body as a tool to help us recognize the break down of movements as well as the continuity of moment to moment which translate to our daily action.

One continuity must have 1, 2, 3: the principle always begins in 1 – 2 – 3. That means with two (2) there’s a separation. Because the continuity is about one-to-another [the ‘3’].  If there’s one alone, there’s no continuity because there’s always one in relation to another: that means there’s a separation. When there’s a separation, how do you make it as One , as a unification, to make it continuous [the ‘3’]?

This continuity means it’s linking and connecting, so you can generate power or are able to generate connections from which you can listen. You need a connection in order to listen: you must have  a line that must be clear that unifies to connect to be able to get the right information. Understanding here, everything is based on yin and yang. It’s always yin yang, yin yang, yin yang!  Because the continuity is about yin to yang and then yang back to yin. Then yang back to yin…All the yin yang, yin yang here has separation, so then you must see how to unify it.  In between the yin and yang is the separation and also is where the neutral is. It’s also the balance point in order to unify it.

On this balance point to unify it here, we have the exercises of ‘looping’, ‘spiking’, or ‘wiping’ to change. Like we Project to Expand to absorb (because projecting/expanding is yang). Then you have to Expand to loop to Absorb: that means to connect the yin to come back. So it’s always yin yang. Like Open Close, Absorb and Project. Absorb to the Neutral then you make a loop to Project. The loop we sometimes talk about as the infinite—the infinite circles. The infinite circle of rotation.

GM demonstrates this principle in action: with arm out, so we can observe the difference from shoulder-elbow-wrist.

Like the yang— if we rotate like this [demonstrates] it is rotating with yin.  Then this is rotating with yang. Rotate with yin, rotate with yang. But if just rotate like this [does it incorrectly, without conscious attention], then the unification is not strong.

See when I yin rotate here:  [demonstrates properly] then I CONDENSE to the center and expand to the yang [draws yin so fingers circle in toward the palm] to the center and EXPAND from the yang and rotate and come back to the middle. The yang expands and comes back. You see a Figure 8.  [Stretches yang tissue out to their fingertips].

So this yin yang changes and in between there’s a loop that ties, that connects. This principle APPLIES TO EVERYWHERE on change. It applies on everywhere where the movement changes from yin to yang or front to back. For example: [GM demonstrates]: from front: absorb to dan tien, make a loop to the back. Then from the back (ming-men), expand the loop from back to go to the front.   Up and down is the same. Up (the top) is yin; going down is yang. When you go down, from the ming-men it’s yang, so there’s a loop. Every movement tis based on the continuity of these principles. So just go back to the principle of 1, 2, 3.

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