Commemorating the 9th Year Passing of the Late Founder : Chin Lik Keong

On July 7th, 2023 we commemorate the 9th year of passing as well as the birthday of our Founder Chin Lik Keong. Little did he know the skills that he shared with a few marital arts brothers over 45 years ago, would one day turn into an internationally acclaimed martial art system.
Throughout his life, Chin Lik Keong touched the lives of innumerable students, sharing his deep insights, cultivating their physical abilities, and nurturing their personal growth. His teachings went beyond mere techniques; they encompassed a holistic approach that blended physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of martial arts. As we remember him today, we honor his enduring legacy, which continues to inspire practitioners to embrace mindfulness, adaptability, and the pursuit of self-discovery through I Liq Chuan.
We are forever grateful for his generosity in sharing his skills.
Rare footage of the late founder Chin Lik Keong demo-ing various cycles of spinning hands with his son, Grandmaster Sam F.S. Chin