Workshops & Events Around the World – November / December 2021


Instructor Franky Chin’s (GM Sam’s brother) will be retiring his restaurant business after 13 years of operation. Zhong Xin Dao / I Liq Chuan club members took the opportunity to gather and celebrate the holidays at the restaurant for one last time. 


Workshop was conducted by Instructor Joshua Criag on the 12th in Preetz and on 13th and 14th of November in Hamburg.

Participants experienced the way from resistance to non-resistance in a variety of examples and realized more than once that the physical experience is just one step of the way – the hard part was recognizing the mental resistance and the effort they have to maintain to keep their attention on themselves.


Balance Point workshop at Cabrini University on December 11, 2021.
Congratulations and welcome Raj Singh (Student level 4 / Instructor level 1) on his induction as a first generation disciple under Grandmaster Sam Chin.