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Mind Bender (Answer)

Kudos to Gage Reichard, 12 year-old son of instructor Steve Reichard from Allentown, Pennsylvania for being the first person reporting back with the correct answer for this puzzle that was introduced in our last newsletter!

For the experienced riddle solvers, you may already have noticed this is inspired by the “Einstein’s Riddle”, or also known as the “Zebra Puzzle”, and the clues are basically similar. 

For those who are seeing this type of puzzles for the first time, applying our Zhong Xin Dao principles can be helpful: Observe carefully that each clue listed had a paired relationship, and the relationship can be on the same axes (columns/rows), or cross-dimensional (diagonal cells), in line with our three-dimensions / six-directions in the training processes.  Also keep in mind what GM Chin mentioned about the “1-2-3” concept: “One cannot be unified.  You need two to unify: Yin and Yang. In order to unify two, you need a third: Neutral. Neutral is the mediator to harmonize or separate Yin and Yang. That is complementary.” Applying that here, each set of relationships is linked with another pair, then another pair, until you can deduce and link up all the cells to get the complete picture.  If the clues were written as “There is a yellow cabin.  There is a Jasmine tea drinker… etc.”, they would not be useful at all to solve this puzzle.  By observing the relationships closely, you can logically arrive at the following result:


Dragon’s Well

Tie Guan Yin


Pu Er

Wu Long






















However, this is a slightly simpler puzzle than the originals, due to the relationship mentioned that each person has a key to the book box of another person, which can help minimize a step or more depending on the order of your logical approach.

Finally, Jeff was able to unlock the five books, and found — nothing inside.  There was never any secret in Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan! There is nothing to learn, and therefore, no secrets to hide!  By maintaining the correct point reference, you will know the correct actions.


Title: 21 Form


4. _____ & Push    
5. _____ Form    
7. _____ Backward & Forward    
8. Brush off Press Down _____ & Push    
10. Left & _____ Holding Ball    
18. _____ & Press    
19. _____ Both Hands Push    
20. _____ Form    
21. Both Hand _____


1. Turn Right _____ Strike    
2. _____ & Push    
3. Brush _____ & Push    
6. _____ & Kick    
9. Relax _____ Fend and Push    
11. _____ with Holding Ball    
12. Left & Right _____    
13. _____ & Shoulder    
14. Turn _____ & Strike (Right & Left)    
15. Turn Tap _____ & Push    
16. _____ & Hook    
17. _____ Hands on Both Sides

Answer to last month’s puzzle HERE: