May 2021 News

GM Sam Chin & students demonstrate the 21 Form

In Memory of Richard McGovern

Rich McGovern

We are saddened to announce the passing of Grandmaster Sam FS Chin‘s disciple, Richard McGovern, and to honor his memory.

Rich began his Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan training after meeting GMC in the old class held in the Big Buddha Hall at Chuan Yen Monastery.

He was a mathematics professor and a lifelong athlete. As an impressive display of both brains and brawn, he made an impression on many around the world and served as an inspiration to many younger members of our martial arts family.

There was an online memorial service for Rich held Thursday, May 6th, 4-6:30pPST/7-9:30pEST via Zoom. ZXDILC members who knew Rich were encouraged to attend and share their memories of him. 

You can find Rich’s obituary here:

In Person Class Resumes in NY

The time has finally come! GM Sam Chin will resume his Sunday Class on 5/30 at his upstate NY residence. This class is only open to those who are fully vaccinated. We kindly ask for you to submit your vaccination record if you’re interested in joining us! Details will be sent out to those who are accepted to participate after show of vaccination record. Please contact Yen L. Chin if you have trouble submitting your record at

We will continue to take precaution during class and would appreciate it if participants could keep their mask on.

Register and submit your record here:

Around the World

The Chin Family I Liq Chuan is now officially registered in China! After 5 rigorous years of evidence gathering to prove first use of the logo, the Chinese government finally granted us the rightful ownership of “I Liq Chuan 意力拳 “. 

Stories of Awareness

GM Sam Chin & students demonstrate the 21 Form

We have a new “Stories of Awareness” by Inst. Jeffery Wong.

In a famous Chinese martial arts novel titled The Heaven Leaning Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber, (倚天屠龍記 published by Jin Yong in the early 1960s as the final part of the Condor Trilogy); what can this wuxia novel teach us as students of Zhong XIn Dao I Liq Chuan?

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GM Chin & Instr Dima Siomov

It looks so easy–the propelling of the circles–the propelling of the circles and the directions. It is to see North South East West (NSEW).  I just break it down to NSEW but supposedly it will be the circles–the rotations, the rotations of the hand. It means the placement of the rotation. In other words, I’ve been saying that because when you draw a circle, a circle must have a center.


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May 2021 Crossword


2. One of the three planes of movement
4. Change with the change to _______
5. Present, _______ and Neutral
9. Four Qualities of _______ Unification
10. The base of attention is _______


1. _______ Blossom Step
3. _______ pointing to the big toes
6. Country in which Grandmaster Chin was born
7. _______, Relaxation and Energy
8. The third of the Six Physical Points

New Video

Ashe Higgs & GM Chin Frontal

Mechanism of Movement – Frontal, presented by GM Sam Chin & Inst. Ashe Higgs has been added to our subscription library.