March 2021 News

GM Sam Chin

GM Sam Chin continues to recover from his second knee resurfacing operation.  He is healing even faster than the previous surgery! Must be all the qigong.

He is already making a list of all the new places to visit in the future including China, Africa, Israel and  Angkor Wat of Cambodia. The list goes on…

photo of GM Sam Chin during in home therapy
GM Sam Chin doing in house rehab after his second knee surgery in 2021

What’s New On The Website

Stories of Awareness – Winning Distant Battles

We have a new “stories of awareness” entry in our articles section by New York City member and our resident ambassador for Chinese culture, Jeffrey Wong.

Read “Winning Distant Battles” here.

Criterion of The Basic Exercises – Part 4 (Saggital)

image of GM Sam Chin

Part four in our ongoing series for the basic exercises has been added to our members only area.  Get access now by purchasing or renewing your student membership here.

The Chin Family as told by the Granddaughter: Part 2

Yen Lee Chin discussing the culture of sharing in I Liq Chuan and it’s roots with her grandfather, GM Chin, Lik Keong. 

“Push the hips!” said my Gong Gong to the 7 or 8 year old me as my brother, Chih and I carry out one of our favorite childhood games…


Test your Zhong Xin Dao knowledge with this fun and easy crossword puzzle! Click to enlarge. 
I Liq Chuan Crossword


After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, outdoor classes have resumed in Paris!


North Carolina

“We are working hard in progressing our ILC skills. My students: Shockley (Keli) S. became a lifetime member. He retired in December last year. I am helping him in preparing his level one test. I hold 1 – 1 zoom meeting with him once a week. Greg F. is working on his level two certification. Wendy P. became a member recently. Beside them, I have John G. and Victor R in my regular Tuesday evening class. The class is going well!

We discuss Sifu’s Saturday teaching and work on refining 15 basic exercises. I also teach them Butterfly form per Victor’s request. I train myself much more seriously. Hope to see Sifu and other brothers and sisters soon.”

photo of GM Sam Chin & Instructor Henry Lai spinning hands in 2019
GM Sam Chin & Instructor Henry Lai in NC 2019 workshop