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Russian I Liq Chuan team

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Russian I Liq Chuan team

On Saturday, May 29, the Russian Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan  School held tuishou competition for the first time as part of the Red Dragon Traditional Kung Fu Tournament.

The competition under the guidance of Grandmaster Alexander Skalozub was prepared and judged by the Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan  instructors: Marina Gubnitskaya, Dmitry Trofimov, Andrey Araslanov, Natalia Kozlova. And assistants to the judge – students of the Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan  school: Dina Orlova, Grigory Borisov, Anna Borisova, Maria Novik and Ulyana Panina.

2021 Red Dragon Tournament Results 

Marina Obukhova (coach Mikhail Obukhov (instructor Marina Gubnitskaya)

  • Tuishou (children 6-8 years old) – 2nd place

Timofey Korznikov (instructor Vyacheslav Dizer)

  • Tuishou (children 11-12 years old) – 1st place
  • Shuajiao (children 11-12 years old) -1 place

Svyatoslav Malakhov (instructor Daria Sergeeva)

  • Tuishou (children 13-14 years old) -1 place

Ekaterina Balitskaya (instructor Marina Gubnitskaya)

  • Taiji without weapons (21 form), (women) -1 place
  • Kungfu without weapons (women) (Butterfly palms) – 2nd place

Tatiana Malakhova (instructor Alexander Skalozub)

  • Taiji without weapons (21 form) – 3rd place

Daniil Novik (instructor Alexander Skalozub)

  • Tuishou (men 60-76kg) – 1st place
  • Taiji without weapons (instructor, men) (21st form) -2 place

Sergey Kham (instructor Daria Sergeeva)

  • Tuishou (men 60-76kg) -2 place
  • Taiji without weapons (21 form) – 2nd place

Ilya Strashnenko (instructor Marina Gubnitskaya)

  • Tuishou (men 60-76kg) – 3rd place
  • Kungfu without weapons (men) (Butterfly palms) – 2nd place

Sergey Kulikov (instructor Alexander Skalozub)

  • Tuishou (men 77-84 kg) – 1 place

Ruslan Shabardin (instructor Marina Gubnitskaya)

  • Tuishou (men 77-84 kg) – 2nd place
  • Kungfu without weapons (men) (Butterfly palms) – 1st place

Igor Grin (instructorAlexander Skalozub)

  • Tuishou (men 97-110kg) – 2nd place

Mikhail Obukhov (instructor Marina Gubnitskaya)

  • Tuishou (men 97-110kg) – 3rd place

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Upcoming Workshops

Instructor Joshua Craig will be holding a series of workshops throughout June and July.
Two Day Workshop – Rome Italy 12 & 13 June 2021
German Summer Camp – Hessisch-Lichtenau, DE 08-11 July 2021
Level One Training – Rome, IT 08-11 July 2021

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For the whole year, lately, I’ve been trying to keep on talking about the principles of the way to train — to get the very basic foundation first—how to use ourselves to know ourselves practically speaking…


We  have a new “Sifu Says” installment this month.

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Because as I said, doing movement of circular energy or doing any movement if you can propel with the energy correctly, then you want you only can lead the opponent. A lot of the training [faults] is because students advised not to lose contact.


This months we offer the last installment of Disc 2 of  Criteria of The Basic Exercises: Concave & Convex.

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2. _______ Energy Flow
5. _______ Down, Grab & Kick
6. _______, elbow, wrist
7. a direction of the Frontal Plane
8. _______ with the Cross
9. _______ and Freeze


1. _______ & Hook
3. Process of _______ Yin & Yang
4. _______ and Defense as One
6. Sternum – _______ and Condense

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Process of Spinning Hands With Inst. Ashe Higgs
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