Granting the Masters and Grandmaster title

From Student Level 9 and Instructor Level 4, it involves an overall demonstration of skillful applications. Upon achieving this level, the student is granted the title of “MASTER” in the art. The state of “mastery” in our family art recognizes a lifelong continuous learning process ahead. The seeker-mind within is to always put oneself as a learner mentality of “the more you know, the more you recognize that you don’t know.” At this point in the curriculum, the Master gives a good representation of the family art.
For this reason, Rich Kelly, Ashe Higgs, and Daria Sergeeva are acknowledged for their achievement and ability to demonstrate the art as a “Master”. In order to maintain the integrity and quality of student level 9 must be graded by the Chin family to be officially recognized.
At the 2023 Annual NY Intensive Gate Keeper GM Sam Chin granted the titles of “Grandmaster” and “Masters” in recognizing for their martial skill and lifelong contribution in spreading the are of Chin Family I Liq Chuan.
Congratulations to Alexander Skalozub for receiving the well deserved title of “Grandmaster” in the art of I Liq Chuan, while Rich Kelly, Ashe Higgs, and Daria Sergeeva were granted the title of “Master”.
CONGRATULATIONS to Grandmaster Skalozub, Master Kelly, Master Higgs, and Master Sergeeva!