Flowing On Neutral – Part 2

GM Sam FS Chin Flowing on Neutral

GM Sam FS Chin Flowing on Neutral

Experience/feel from that rotation…that’s why yesterday the movement we tried to experience: okay, if I don’t start with rotation—ok, how do I feel?

Then, if I do start with rotation, how do I feel?  In and out every rotation. Ok that is YOUR UNIFICATION with rotation. 

When it comes to Point of Contact, then a movement must have Circle with a Center. Circle with a Center then how do you move to hold on the centers. Here is one center you hold; from the point of contact there’s one center you hold, with rotation. With rotation we connect: that means you must circle with center and center to center.

You Must See the Cross of Open and Close

In order to see clearly on the centers, you must see the Cross of open and close—on the center, ok? That’s why yesterday I told you guys to do this exercise. Because you must hold and attention must be there to see the centers: to see the vertical line and the horizontal line—that means, you must from the center then you must connect the centers as a REFERENCE to see left right up and down: that means it’s a cross!

If you can’t see and be with the centers, you have no reference. You’re using the reference of THAT MOMENT OF CONTACT: MEETING THE CENTERS, using that moment itself! If you can’t reach over there to hold, to be with THAT reference, you won’t get any information. No information from that moments if you can’t get it, because you have no reference.

Or you can say, you may have a reference, but it will not be with the CENTER reference, so then your movement and direction will be the wrong movement because you’re not clear to get the centers. Because the center of the reference there is the bone first; bone is the skeleton to hold the structure of the whole body; if the skeleton isn’t there you can’t move—you will collapse.

No doubt people say you need muscles; but yin yang muscles are 2 groups—but what HOLD the muscles is the bone. That means the BONE is the neutral is the center—it’s the neutral of yin yang muscles—it holds the muscles. So you need that reference to be clear. So all the training is to get that reference clear. That means why? That attention must be thee. Can your attention arrive there?  How can you arrive there? Form connect to feel the pressure—can you maintain to stretch.

Stretching Is Building Up the Pressure–Use The Pressure to Knock on Something and Return

You hear a lot of people say you must stretch from the point.

Stretching is building up pressure: building up pressure as the frequency! –This frequency to there!  The pressure that KNOCKS on something to return. And how to hold? How to hold and return is a PROCESS: of non-stop going there and coming back. It’s not: go there, I stop going and I come back.

RETURN means the cycle completes and nothing has stopped it: must be two ways: I’m coming back and I’m still going forward and this is still coming back. But reverse it needs to stops one side: you cannot have 2 ways when you reverse. RETURN: It’s a cycle: on a cycle, then coming back it will be under a different quality: that’s how a COMPLEMENTARY works (if it’s the same, you cannot).

That’s yang is expanding yin is drawing—like day and night—they are different: cold and hot have diff density; diff kind of quality of movement. Cold it thaws, hot it expands: this balance of complementary is not 50/50 balance. So how to get the cycle of return? Practically speaking it’s already a cycle (it’s there already!) It’s cycling already—if can’t cycle, you can’t function.

Are you guys clear on yesterday’s exercise? That kind of exercise you have to train for years. Not saying ‘oh, I know now; you don’t know.’ You have that kind of quality expressed on instance contact. Can’t say ‘wait, wait, wait—let me do something first.” No, can you change with the change I that instant?

A Higher Kind of Cultivation

So, you can say sometimes ‘it’s too refined—it seems that it’s hopeless that it seems it can’t be trained. It’s so hard to understand, how can I get that. You need a certain quality to attain that or else you cannot. That’s the refined higher kind of skill—a higher kind of cultivation.  Because with that you need more control, more discipline, more self-control. If you don’t have that—you can’t., Discipline and control means you know more of yourself—you’re expanding to know more of yourself. Then, through point of contact then slowly you know your opponent—and you can say… not everyone can be able to train it. Actually, everyone should have this—the problem is that a lot of people won’t see it that way, because of past experience or habit.

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