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New York : Headquarter

After a month long of private training with the Chin family, we want to congratulate Instructor Sergeii Gneushev for obtaining “Master” level and for successfully grading student level 9 and instructor level 4; and to Instructor Evgeniya Bliznyuk, Instructor Olekseii Surik and Instructor Henry Lai for grading for student level 7. 

Student Level 9 is a very skillful level that involves an overall demonstration of applications. Achieving this level means the student is considered to be a master level of our art.  The state of “mastery” in our family art is when one recognizes that this is truly only the beginning and that there is a continuous learning process ahead. The seeker-mind within to always put oneself as a student-mentality. Experiencing this puts you in an understanding of “the more you know, the more you recognize that you don’t know”. At this point in the curriculum this level gives a good enough representation of the family art. For this reason, Instructor Sergii Gneushev is acknowledged for his achievement and ability to demonstrate the art as a “Master”.  In order to maintain the integrity and quality of student level 9, it must be graded by the Chin family to be officially recognized.

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2022 Annual President Day February Intensive

We are surveying the interest of resuming the 4 days Annual Intensive Retreat held at New York with Grandmaster Sam F.S. Chin. Please complete this short SURVEY to let us know of your likelihood to attend. 


4 Day Workshop Series : November 5 – 8th, 2021

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San Francisco Bay Area – 4 Day Workshop Series

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In October the Martial Art of Awareness School from Vienna organized a weekend retreat at the monastery Kirchberg am Wechsel (Austria). Head Instructor of the event, Lubo Tzolov prepared a great program for participants who joined from Austria and Germany. Training started in the morning and a lot of the students trained till midnight. On Saturday everyone watched and trained together along with the headquarter at the online Zoom Session for members. Hans-Joachim from Germany also graded for level 2.

In October two other students graded, one for Student Level 3 and the other for Student Level 4.

A former student of the Vienna School who moved back to Carinthia (Austria) started a new group and began with training for adults and children.

Head by Instructor Lubo Tzolov, the Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan school of Austria is maintaining constant communication with the Regional Office of Germany for a smooth cooperation in the future ahead!