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In Motion Center in association with Taijiquan Tutelage of Palo Alto is pleased to announce that Grand Master Sam F. S. Chin is coming to the SF Bay Area.

4 Day Workshop Series
November 5 – 8th, 2021

“The Fastest most Direct Way to the Tao that I Know” in Grand-master Sam F. S. Chin’s observations. [Details here…]


Congratulations to our latest group of graduates in Italy! Launched in September 2020, our Instructor Training Project in Italy was born in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the course of the lockdown, this intrepid group has persevered through restrictions, closures, and cancellations. They have successfully completed their first examinations!

Italy Group

Our Instructor Training Project in Rome continues. You are invited to join them for the first of a series of Level 2 Intensives beginning on November 6-7, 2021 in Rome! Contact for more info. 

Saturday November 6
Basic Exercise #11: Concave-Convex
Sunday November 7
Basic Exercise #12: Hip Roll

Below is the schedule for our 2022 trainings in Rome!

  • January 22-23
  • March 19-20
  • April 30-May 1
  • July 8-9-10-11
  • September 24-25
  • November 12-13
On September 11-12, 2021, the Martial Art of Awareness participated at the second IMAD (International Martial Arts Day) celebration in Rome. We were represented by Italian Instructor Alberto Benedusi, who introduced participants to the 21 Form and set the stage for a new Student Level Project in Rome.

We want to thank the UIKT (Unione Italiana Kung Fu Tradizionale) and all of the project participants for their friendship and support!

The next IMAD in Rome will be on June 4-5, 2022!



Instructor Licencing Certification Program
On September 11th and 12th, our first group of instructor candidates in Germany gathered for a two-day course in Darmstadt! Led by Instructor Joshua Craig, this weekend program was an in-depth look at both the grading criteria and how to lead students through Basic Exercises 1-5 and Basic Exercises 6-10, along with common questions. The weekend was both intense and rewarding. Congratulations to all of the participants for taking the first steps to becoming Licensed Instructor.

Stay tuned as we will soon be announcing new Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan Study Groups and Schools in Germany.

On November 13-14 Instructor Joshua Craig will be leading a workshop at Instructor’s Frederik Wahl’s school in Hamburg, and everyone is welcome!

To be notified about future workshop dates in Germany, please contact our Regional Office. (


At the Russian summer camp on August 16-29 at the North Kunsangar retreat center, the first Russian experimental all-around I Liq Chuan competition took place, which included competitions in pushing hands, 21 form and an interesting competition that allows you to show concentration skills. The winners of the competition were given unique, specially created prizes from the school. The event was organized by Grandmaster Alexander Skalozub, and instructors: Dmitry Trofimov, Marina Gubnitskaya, Andrey Araslanov and Natalia Kozlova.

The winners of the all-around were Maxim Novikov (instructors Alexander Skalozub, Daria Sergeeva),  Sergey Kham (instructor Daria Sergeeva), Mikhail Lushnikov (instructor Ekaterina Shestakova)

Gradings were also conducted, congratulations to those who passed!

Level 5 – Ekaterina Balitskaya (instructor Marina Gubnitskaya)
Level 7 – Viktor Bashkeev (instructor Alexander Skalozub)
Level 8 – Andrey Araslanov (instructor Alexander Skalozub)
1 instructor level – Mikhail Obukhov (instructor Marina Gubnitskaya)



Join us every Saturday for an hour virtual interactive training. We progress along in the ZXD / ILC curriculum following the System Guide. This is a complimentary benefit to all current members. Sessions are conducted in English. If you are a current member and not receiving the log in details, please contact us with your name and member ID at: