December 2020 News

GM Chin’s Recovery

GM Sam Chin total knee replacement therapy
GM Sam Chin undergoes therapy at a nearby clinic 2020


GM Chin strengthening his knee
GM Chin strengthening his knee 2020

Grandmaster Sam Chin’s recovery from his recent total knee replacement continues to go well.

He finished two weeks of in-house therapy, now he has to go out for intense rehab at a nearby clinic twice a week.

His leg is already stable enough to walk up and down the stairs, and when walking on flat ground he doesn’t need to use a cane anymore!

He has already started spinning hands with youngest son Hsin and eldest daughter Yen Lee as part of his daily exercise.

GM Chin and family want to express their gratitude to everyone who has been involved in this process, from the students who helped research the best possible doctors and facilities for the procedure to the fellow martial arts masters with extensive backgrounds in physiology and therapeutic modalities who called with recommendations to help speed his recovery.

Thank you to all of you for your love and support.

Members Only Livestreams

GM Sam Chin in front of his laptop
GM Sam Chin continues to spread his family art from home. 2020

The Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan Grandmaster continues to guide students around the world despite not being able to travel due to the coronavirus epidemic, in the form of members only livestreams. 

GM Chin gives specific instructions to advance our students and instructors, along with demonstrations performed by senior instructor Rich Kelly of New York.  Currently, GM Sam Chin is giving an ongoing series on the basic exercises, giving detailed refinements.

These sessions are not open to the public and will not be added to our “video on demand” subscription library.  Currently they can only be watched live by our student members, is your student membership up to date?

Featured Article

Featured Article

GM Sam Chin on the cover of Martial Cultivation
GM Sam Chin on the cover of Martial Cultivation

GM Sam Chin is featured in a full-length article by well know martial artists and author Alex Kozma in the May 2019 issue of the online journal “Martial Cultivation”.

“This month we have an in-depth report on the unique Zhong Xin Dao system of Grandmaster Sam Chin. His tireless efforts to pass his art on across the world have ensured that this school is one of the most popular amongst people serious about martial cultivation.”

If you would like to read the entire article, you can purchase the issue from Line of Intent Publishing here:

Martial Cultivation Journal Vol 1 No 5


German Language Online Classes

German language I Liq Chuan with Lubo Tzolov
German language I Liq Chuan online classes

Due to a renewed lockdown, the Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan Austria school is offering online training via Zoom again. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. participants from the german speaking countries have the opportunity to dive into the Martial Art of Awareness.

Click here to see our available instructor lead online classes.

New Kids Classes!

young boy in Austria doing I Liq Chuan
Kung Fu kids classes in Vienna, Austria

Beginning in September 2020, Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan Austria started a kids class for the first time. Seven boys and three girls in the age of 6 to 8 years explore the philosophy and principles of the Martial Art of Awareness through basic exercises and games.

The new kids’ classes have so far been held outdoors to practice safely during the pandemic and respect social distancing policies. 


Ukraine training hall

“Since the beginning of the year, our group has a new hall for training in the center of Kiev. We’re conducting ILC training on daily basis, in group and individual formats. In particular, everyday morning and evening training are done.”


“In November the System Guide, 3rd edition was printed in the Ukrainian language, so our students have an opportunity to buy and read it.”

“During fall of 2020 there were four student grading: Sergii Kravchuk (Student Level 3), Pavel Ksionda (Student Level 2), Artem Prytyka (Student Level 2), and Alexey Bratkov (Student Level 2). Also, we welcomed five new members to the ZXD ILC family.”


New Grading!

Congratulations to Arizona students Barry B, Jeremy T, and Angela CJ on their new student level (4 and 3 respectively). Barry, Jeremy and Angela train in the Phoenix Metro area with Instructor Ashe Higgs.



New Grading!

I Liq Chuan students in Kazakhstan
Instructor Gado Mursaliyev with student in Atyrau

Kazakhstan branch (licensed instructor- Gadilbek Mursaliyev located in the city of Atyrau conducted a grading event and Marta Khaidarova successfully passed student level 1 exam. Another milestone achieved!

Instructor Gado began his I Liq Chuan training in London while living in the UK, under Instructor Eric Ling.

Upon returning to his native Kazakhstan, Gadilbeck continued his training under Chief Instructor of Russia, Alexander Skalozub, and began the first I Liq Chuan classes in the capital city of Atyrau.  

Congrats to both Gado and Marta!

We are very pleased to see Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan continue to grow and flourish around the world.

I Liq Chuan Rereat

On 30 AUG – 01 SEP 2020 at the Northern Kunsangar Buddhist center near Moscow, a retreat dedicated to the basic exercises of Zhong Xin Dao/ I Liq Chuan, 21 form practicing and preparation for instructor level 1 was held. This retreat takes place every few months under the guidance of three instructors: Marina Gubnitskaya – Instructor 2, Student 8, Andrey Araslanov – Instructor 1, Student 7, and Viktor Bashkeev – Instructor 1, Student 6.

The next retreat will take place on January 23-24, 2021. It will be dedicated to three-dimension movement, changing in three planes, and the spinning force of coordination. Contacts:

Master Classes

Russian I Liq Chuan instructors Alexander Skalozub & Daria Sergeeva
Russian I Liq Chuan instructors Alexander Skalozub & Daria Sergeeva spinning hands in Malaysia

Special Moscow master-classes of Alex Skalozub and Daria Sergeeva will take place on January 8-10, 2021. It will be three days of training, each day different levels.

Space is limited to 10-12 pupils in the gym at one time due to the pandemic and social distancing guidelines. Later you can watch the video of classes off-line.