Tai Chi Point Training – Introducing Fa-Jing Workshop DVD




I Liq Chuan® Workshop With Grand Master Sam FS Chin
4 DVDs, Presented In English With Russian Translation
Content of 1st dvd:
– What isTaiji?
– Taiji on the Feet
– Begin to Walk
– Find the Tan-tien
– Lightness in Stepping
– Stay Neutral
– Every Step – Kick
– Tha Base of Fa-jing

Content of 2nd dvd:
– Feeling of Yourself
– Balance
– Three
– Force Alighment
– Step
– Lower Hands, Vertical Rolling in Horizontal
– Limits in Vertical Rolling
– Penetration for Attack / Defence
– Sagittal Rolling
– Single-Stepping Explanation

Content of 3rd dvd:
– Lower Hands, Frontal Plane
– Methods
– Method Itself
– Prepare Body for Footwork
– Lifting Legs Anytime
– Answers
– Points Line Up
– Seven Points
– What You Need to Do
– Relationship Absorb/Project and Open/Close

Content of 4th dvd:
– Offence / Defence Point
– Flow, Fend, Roll, Pivot
– Two Hands
– Variations
– Introducing to “Short Jing”
– Q&A

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 14 x 19.5 x 1.5 cm


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