Knowing The Moment – Point of Contact MP4




In this video series GM Sam Chin presents the path of Zhong Xin Dao – Neutral Way Approach.
Video content includes

How to know and change- to recognize the nature and condition

I, chi, liq, one point approach fullness point training

to connect and to link through point of contact center to center

Understanding the hardware ( body) and the software ( movement)

meet and match – let nature reveal itself

Opening talk on Zhong Xin Dao – Neutral Way Approach, the philosophy concept and principles
and how to know the moment itself.


Direct knowing – linking and reflection

On point of contact – meet and stretching

One hand roll-vertical roll

Recognizing fullness point as center – to back up centers

Maintaining fullness point –  to recognize the limit

Recognizing neutral line (halfline) – to recognize offense and defense, full and empty


Condense and expand – bones, the joints, muscles

Muscles- yin line to dantien, yang line from mingmeng

Balancing yin & yang muscles with the bones

One hand roll – frontal roll


Dialogue- give and take on point of contact

Spinning hand –  with fullness  on point

Function of fullness – maintaining fullness will lead to right spacing and timing

Coiling to maintain centers understanding curve and straight line

Pull and push seeing the link and the tip of the force


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