Introduction to Nei Gong & Engagement Qualities (w/Russian Translation) MP4 (SD)




Study with Master Sam FS Chin on your own time with our series of instructional DVDs!
Filmed in high quality, crystal clear video and clear audio, these instructional videos are a great training aid for anyone interested in pursuing the qualities internal martial arts have become known for.
Presented In English With Russian Translation
1) Explaining the philosophy of Chan (Zen) & Tai Chi of how to train the Art of I Liq Chuan
2) Explaining Ten/Ten
a. I Liq Chuan training process
b. Qualities of training process
3) Introduction to I Liq Chuan Nei Gong
4) Explaining the path of 6 energy with Dan Tien and Ming Man
5) Matching software with hardware
a. 3 Dimensions with 2 open & 2 close
b. Relationship of 3 engagement qualities
6) How to match and engage to have an
application point to control and attack
7) Q & A

Download is in 720p resolution.


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