Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan® System Guide Booklet – 3rd Edition




The Third Edition System Guide has been revised and updated!

This edition is printed on more durable, higher-gloss paper than the first edition of the System Guide, and is now 183 pages.

There is now a table of contents, making it easier to quickly find specific subjects, some comments by the founder of I Liq Chuan, Grandmaster Chin Lik Keong, an in-depth explanation of the significance of the 13 Points and the importance of the grading system with regard to transmitting the art accurately and in its entirety to new generations of students.

There are also several color diagrams illustrating some of the key aspects of I Liq Chuan (circles, yin/yang, etc.).

Booklet Includes:

1. Description of the 15 Basic Exercises
2. I Liq Chuan Basic Concepts
3. Points to Practice in Spinning & Sticking Hand Training
4. The Process of Spinning Hands
5. Sticky Hand Process of Upper & Lower Hand
6. The Process of Chin Na
7. Leg Training Process
8. The Process of Unifying the Body
9. Exercise of Complementary of Yin & Yang
10. Flow, Lead, Break
11. Bridge, Control, Finishing
12. Terms to Know
13. Structure, Relaxation, Energy
14. I Liq Chuan Chin Family Disciples Code of Conduct
15. I Liq Chuan Student’s Training Program

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