I Liq Chuan® 21 Form MP4




I Liq Chuan® 21 Form workshop with Grand Master Sam FS Chin
21 Form form from 3 different angles
Detailed step by step instructions
Form in application I-Liq Chuan
21 Form – 意力拳 二十一式
Commencing Form
Left & Right Holding Ball
Whirl & Hook
Pull & Push
Drag & Shoulder
Brush Knee & Push
Circle & Press
Whirl, Turn & Push (Both Hands)
Turn, Tap, Fend & Push
Turn & Right Palm Strike
Roll Backward & Forward
Split Hands On Both Sides
Brush Off, Press Down, Elbow & Strike
Turn While Holding Ball (Horizontally)
Left & Right Kick
Relax, Whirl, Fend & Push (1+3 Times)
Turn, Brush & Strike (Left & Right)
Grab & Kick
Dash & Both Hand Push
Both Hand Lift
Closing Form


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