December 2016

Summary of the Chin Family I Liq Chuan / Zhong Xin Dao Martial Art Community in the year of 2016
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Happy Holidays!
To our friends and family of the Martial Arts community, we wish you a joyful and healthy holiday! May your travels be safe and your gatherings with loved ones be filled with plenty of laughters!   We’re thankful to have each and everyone one of your support, together as a martial art family, we grow and learn in a peaceful sharing environment while challenging and encouraging each other to progress further down the Zhong Xin Dao path laid out by Master Sam Chin.
With the year approaching to an end, here’s a look back at some of our achievements!

INTRODUCING ZHONG XIN DAO (ZXD) – a cultivation process developed by Master Sam Chin. Introduced on January 22nd, 2016.  Get to know more HERE.
ACADEMIC APPROACH – Zhong Xin Dao new program – Academic Approach. It now offers credited courses in UPenn and in Cabrini University with approved grants received…[con’t] 
COMMUNITY OUTREACH – Free ZXD program offered to children with differently-abled body at the CoachArt center…[con’t] 
CCTV 90-MINUTES I LIQ CHUAN DOCUMENTARY – “Kung-Fu Abroad” aired nationally in China on its largest network with 50 channels and accessible to more than one billion viewers…[con’t]
RECOGNITION – Master Sam Chin awarded 9th Dan Grand Master ranking…[con’t]
TRIBUTE TO THE FOUNDER – Students gather from throughout the world to pay tribute to the founder of I Liq Chuan…[con’t] 
TRIP TO BALI – ILC / ZXD Family visted Indonesia, Bali…[con’t
COMPETITIONS – Results for I Liq Chuan participation in recent competitions at St.Petersburg…[con’t]
SUMMER CAMPS – I Liq Chuan summer camp hosted by Instructor Alexander Skalozub of Russia…[con’t], and by Instructor Włodzimierz Hrymniak of Poland…[con’t]
BOOK SIGNING – “I Liq Chuan – Martial Art of Awareness” in Russian held its 2nd public book signing session in Moscow…[con’t]
ZXD CARTOON – Collaboration with artist to have our story portrayed in a cartoon book…[con’t]
PUBLIC RELATIONS – Press conference conducted in Ukraine…[con’t] and participation in national project of Latvia…[con’t]  
NOTABLE MENTIONS – Appointment of I Liq Chuan Ambassador..[con’t] and the achievement of the youngest I Liq Chuan Instructor…[con’t]
WORKSHOPS – 2017 International Annual ILC Intensive…[con’t]


The movement-based awareness exercises of ZXD/ILC helps students through a metacognitive approach in an innovative ways to develop their academic potential, transition to college life, and address an array of social-emotional learning challenges — also known as LEARNING HOW TO LEARN.

Dr. Nancy Watterson and Lan Tran, appointed Co-Directors of Zhong Xin Dao Academic Approach, teach the course “Martial Arts and the Diaspora” at Cabrini University. This course has now been offered three semesters as an elective in American Studies (AST) through the Dept. of History and Political Science. In Spring of 2017, a new course “Conflict & Cooperation” will be offered through the Cabrini University curriculum which further expounds on Zhong Xin Dao and its emphasis on knowing one’s self.  Through this focus, the course fulfills a “Values” designation, now part of the institution’s Core Curriculum。 
At the University of Pennsylvania Dr.Nancy Watterson and Lan Tran offered a graduate-level seminar “Moved to Learn: Embodied Cognition, Arts of Awareness, and Applied Ethnography” / Folk 579 through the Master of Liberal Arts Program. This course emphasized Zhong Xin Dao and learning how to learn as explored through the lens of different cultures’ and disciplines’ approaches to awareness.  Both the Cabrini and Upenn courses revolve around a diagnostic and assessment process created in conjunction with Master Sam Chin.
As the ZXD Educational Component continues to develop, Sam Chin has tasked one of his US Senior instructors, Richard Kelly, to refine the youth curriculum he has developed and has been implementing in New Paltz, NY along with fellow ZXD/ILC student Carisa Barrello. Kelly is working with Kim Dyer, high school teacher and ILC instructor to develop an innovative K-12 school-based curriculum that can be implemented in diverse educational settings. Working together, Rich Kelly, Nancy Watterson, and Lan Tran consult on Zhong Xin Dao Academic Initiatives that span K-16+…[con’t]
If you are, or known of an education foundation or school interested in developing and offering similar courses, please contact Yen Chin at or Dr.Nancy Watterson at


Community Outreach & Social Action
“Give it! Share it! You give your time and energy, your love,your Zhong Xin Dao path, it comes right back!” 
Caliah, a 10 year old student with cerebral palsy is non-verbal and has been training I Liq Chuan through the Zhong Xin Dao process for a year and has started receiving body work treatment from Holly recently.  She has made tremendous progress, Holly notices that Caliah falls less and her spastic side can let go easier. Most importantly she’s having fun while training.   
Inspired by Victor Bashkeev, a student in Russia who learned to better deal with the struggles of cerebral palsy after learning Zhong Xin Dao, Holly Pope decided to devote her time for children with CP at CoachArt, an organization that creates a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. 
Holly’s goal is “… for differently abled children to have fun, to learn the discipline, focus, structure and fun with Martial Arts training.” She wants to continue working with kids and building the I Liq Chuan / Zhong Xin Dao kids community and have them grow in the art. She wants anyone and everyone to experience the art…[con’t]
If you are, or known of an non-profit organization, nursing home, or hospital looking to develop similar programs, please contact Yen Chin at  We would love to share with you the benefits of training physical and mental awareness through martial arts.  

“KUNG-FU ABROAD” After looking worldwide for over a year, CCTV decided to feature I Liq Chuan and the Chin family for this exploration of Chinese Martial Art Systems practiced outside of mainland China. Watching this will give you a special glimpse into Master Sam Chin’s private life and his inspiring fortitude with his own health challenges. Broadcasted Jan. 24th,2016CC available in English

On June 26th, Master Sam Chin was awarded 9th Dan Grand Master ranking by the World Fighting Martial Arts Federation, an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance the communication, exchange, research, development, and promotion of traditional fighting martial arts systems worldwide.
He now also serves as Vice Director of Technical Committee to the organization monitoring the development and maintaining the overall standards, rules, and regulations of the federation. Serving in the committee also includes Jet Li’s sifu, Master Wu Bin being the Director of Ranking and Certification. Photos HERE. 

Ezekiel Mathur was appointed as I Liq Chuan ambassador by Master Sam Chin for his incredible multi-lingual skills and positive-energetic personality. His main responsibility includes helping to promote and inspire the I Liq Chuan / Zhong Xin Dao community by collecting and displaying learning experiences of students.
He had also enrolled in the first graduate course at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) revolving around ZXD/ILC and ethnography–the study of observing and writing about culture–when Dr.Nancy Watterson and Lan Tran offered it in spring 2015. Ezekiel then went on to write his interdisciplinary  capstone project based on applying the ZXD process and ILC principles.  His master’s thesis project was titled “Polyglot Yourself and Others: A Creative Analysis and Exploration of Accelerated Language Acquisition through Reflections on Learning How to Learn” and marked the completion of his degree in the Master of Liberal Arts program April 2016. 

2017 International Annual I Liq Chuan Intensive 
Please don’t forget to register for the 2017 Annual Intensive held at Fishkill, NY.  Master Sam chin will focus on the topic of: “The Neutral Path with One Point Approach to ILC Sticky Hands & Sanda”. 

RSVP Here!

If this is your first intensive, please contact Yen before registering.  Members ONLY event! 


In the new year of 2017, Chin Family I Liq Chuan will collaborate with famous cartoonist and successful publisher of children’s educational books to have our very own cartoon drawn!

Nov. 21st. On his recent visit to Riga, Master Sam Chin was invited to participate in Latvia’s national project to inspire the citizen of the nation. For their centennial celebration in 2018, they are interviewing famous leaders with words of encouragement. Other famous leaders participating in the project includes HH the Daila Lama. 

Aug 15th-28th. This year marks the 12th year of a two-weeks long ILC Summer Camp held at the Castle Klimovsky in the mountains of the Krasnodar area, at an altitude of 700m above sea level on the left Bank of the river Malaya Laba. Conducted by Instructor Alexander Skalozub and joined by 60 students from various Russian cities and other countries such as the USA, Israel, Latvia, Kazakhstan,  Austria, Ukraine, and Norway.

Nov. 24th. Second book signing session for “I Liq Chuan – Martial Art of Awareness”, with live broadcast at Moscow, Russia.

Interview of I Liq Chuan / Zhong Xin Dao with Lan Tran by Dojo TV at the international Martial Arts Studies conference in Wales, at Cardiff University this past July.

I Liq Chuan practitioners from throughout the globe gather in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur for a week long workshop to pay tribute to the founder, Chin Lik Keong on his 2nd year anniversary of passing on Jul 7th, 2016

Congratulations to students from Russia who participated in the 8th TCFE Chinese Internal Martial Arts Championship in St.Petersburg on October 28-30th, and brought home 44 medals including 20 gold, 17 silver, and 7 bronze!  This competition attracted more than 300 hundred competitors from 12 different countries.   

Jul 28th-31st. I Liq Chuan family went on a 3.5 days trip to Bali, Indonesia. 

Aug 15th-21st. 6th year anniversary for the 7 days I Liq Chuan summer camp held in Poland. This year it attracted 40 Participants from 9 countries including the USA, Great Britain, France, Canada, Norway, Slovenia, Netherlands & Poland.

Feb 14th, during the annual I Liq Chuan Intensive, Jacob Kudria tested for level one instructor and became the youngest of the system in the world to wear an instructor belt at the age of 16. 

Sept. 9. Press conference in Ukraine with live stream by UCMC, a platform with efforts of leading Ukrainian experts in the sphere of international relations, communications and public relations to provide the world community with accurate and up-to-date information on the events in Ukraine. 


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December 2015

Holiday wishes from the ILC Chin Family management team

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Chin Family I Liq Chuan: Yen L. Chin (daughter), Kooi Lin (wife), Sam Chin, Ivy Chin (sister)
Dear I Liq Chuan Friends and Family ,The Chin Family wish you and your family a Healthy and Joyful Holiday! 
International Kung Fu Cup In Memory of Chin Lik KeongWe would like to take this opportunity to share news happening with CFILC.  On the weekend of November 29th, an international Kung Fu Cup was held in memory of our founder, Chin Lik Keong who passed away on his birthday on July 7th, 2014.  This was organized by Alex Ovodov the Director of Martial Arts for Children at Russia, Vologda and supported by the city’s Mayor. This was an important milestone in ILC history and touched the Chin family hearts dearly. 

Chin Family I Liq Chuan tournament event “Spinning Hands” and “Matching & Bridging” were introduced to our students in 2013 at our annual intensive workshop as a preliminary tournament. This year, our events have successfully been adopted into international competitions and were participated by both adults and children of various ages.
Children Teens
Please visit our official I Liq Chuan website at for details on ILC competition event rules and more photos!
Stay aware, healthy, and train!  Next Master Class will be held in January 11th, 2015 at New York, Pleasant Valley (USA). Open for ALL.  
Happy Holidays and see you next year!
Festive regards,I Liq Chuan Management

Kung Fu Cup Trailer
We will be uploading videos from the tournament shortly, on the meantime here’s a bit of highlights for the Holidays!  

How to create conditions to your benefit
Newest youtube video of Master Sam Chin’s teachings HERE!

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