GM Sam Chin with students and family in Plovdiv

GM Sam FS Chin Awarded Professor Emeritus

We are very pleased to congratulate our beloved GM Sam FS Chin in his recent award of “Honorary Professor Emeritus” by the University of Plovdiv in Bulgaria on November 15th, 2017, in recognition of his lifetime of achievement in spreading his family’s art of I Liq Chuan around the globe, along with his unique contribution of Zhong Xin Dao, the Sam Chin Way.

More than a dozen foreign students from around the world, including instructors from the UK, US, Austria, Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus joined GM Chin in Plovdiv to witness and celebrate this momentous occasion.

During his acceptance speech, GM Chin said “I’m deeply thankful for the high recognition, and I feel proud to hold this high honor from the State University of Plovdiv. As a martial artist and above all, a teacher, my lifetime goal is to spread and share my art, Zhong Xin Dao, with the world. So far, I Liq Chuan has been spread to more than 20 different countries. Martial arts is not just for fighting. It has an important role in forming character and society, especially when you use martial arts as a tool to understand yourself. It’s very direct! This directness needs attention and has readiness and alertness. That’s why we (in Zhong Xin Dao) talk about awareness and mindfulness. In Zhong Xin Dao, what does it mean? It’s a path, based on Zen philosophy and Tao. It’s viewpoint; how to approach to see things. What is the nature of the mind? What is the nature of the physical? This is for everyone regardless of age or physical condition.”

GM Sam FS Chin has already been working toward the development of martial arts in an academic, and scientific way and has been cooperating with American university Cabrini, where credit courses “Learning How To Learn” and “Conflict Resolution” are being taught using Zhong Xin Dao approach.

This award comes directly on the heels of the EWTO (European WIng Tsun Organization) announcing that they are adopting Zhong Xin Dao as an official program of study within their organization. With Professor Ron Kernspecht and the EWTO, GM Sam Chin will work to spread Zhing Xin Dao exclusively together in:

• Germany
• Denmark
• Austria
• Switzerland
• Italy
• Bulgaria

The EWTO has worked with the State University of Plovdiv to offer Bachelor and Master studies
in Martial Arts for more than 20 years, and PhD programs for more than 10. GM Sam FS Chin will return to the University of Plovdiv as often as time permits to continue the development of logic and function of martial arts in an academic setting.

After acceptance of his award, GM Chin remained in Bulgaria for several days, offering additional instruction in a small workshop and doing some sightseeing in both Plovdiv and Sofia (the capital city).