[Hempstead, UK] Spring Mindfulness Retreat 2023

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Date(s) - 07/Apr/23 - 14/Apr/23
All Day

The Boys Brigade


We are very excited to invite you to participate in the 6th UK Retreat with Grandmaster Sam Chin and Son in April 2023 – 7th till the 14th. This time we will also host once again a special guest, a great mindfulness teacher, monastic and GM Sam Chin’s close friend – Master Jiru. 

Yet another opportunity for you to experience the unique blend of martial arts and mindfulness teachings altogether! No previous experience required!

Join us during the UK Spring Mindfulness Retreat in 2023 in Hemel Hempstead near London!

UPDATE: Unfortunately due to other engagements Master Jiru will not be able to join us this time. We will still do our best and maintain the original formula of his teachings of “Four Foundations of Mindfulness” in our program!
Grandmaster Sam Chin will conduct sitting meditation himself and also lead ’21 Form’ as a part of walking meditation.
The second part of the schedule it’s going to be “Application Of Zen and Tao through principles of Zhong Xin Dao ” and will be guided by GM Sam Chin and Master Hsin Chin.
To have an idea what you can expect during the event please visit the article from the last UK Mindfulness Retreat https://www.irekzareba.com/post/the-mindfulness-retreat“.


Arrival: Friday the 7th of April (all day)

Departure: Friday the 14th of April after breakfast.
End of retreat and departure  

SCHEDULE (Saturday the 8th till Thursday the 13th all day):
7.30am – 8.30am chi gong
9am – 10am breakfast
10am – 1pm morning training session
1pm – 3pm lunch
3pm – 6pm afternoon training session
6pm – 8pm dinner
8pm – 10pm training own level with guidance
11pm – light out


The Boys Brigade, Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead HP3 0BL, UK


Grandmaster Sam F.S. Chin (曾帆祥) is a Gate Keeper of I Liq Chuan and founder of its unique training method Zhong Xin Dao. He is the founder and President of Chin Family I Liq Chuan Association, as well as the creator of I Liq Chuan Grading System.

GM° Sam Chin trained martial arts from childhood by his father – the founder of I Liq Chuan, Chin Lik Keong. During the 1980’s, GM° Sam Chin won numerous competitions, as well as the state heavyweight kickboxing championships of Selangor (Malaysia) in 1978. He was also recognized by the USA Martial Arts Federation as a Hall of Fame Outstanding Master.

In August 2009, GM° Sam F.S. Chin is officially named the Gate Keeper / Lineage Holder of the art by his father, founder of I Liq Chuan, Chin Lik Keong.
In June 26th 2016, Master Sam Chin become ‘Vice President of Technical Committee’ of World Fighting Martial Arts Federation (WFMAF) He was also awarded with his 9th Grandmaster Dan Rank for his contribution to the Martial Arts community worldwide.

In November 2017 he became an honorary professor of State University of Plovdiv, fitting recognition for life dedicated to Zen and research into martial arts. Today, GM° Sam F.S. Chin continues his teaching via workshops worldwide and resides in Pleasant Valley New York with his wife and four children.

Venerable Jiru (繼如法師) was originally born in Malaysia. He learnt and trained in martial arts and qigong from his grandfather since he was five years old. Ven. Jiru was also a student of I Liq Chuan founder, Great Grandmaster Lik-Keong Chin and was a training brother of Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan founder, Grandmaster Sam FS Chin during the 1970’s in Kuala Lumpur.

During his first trip to Thailand in 1980, Ven. Jiru (who was still a layperson at the time) was attracted by the Buddhist monastic lifestyle that he first encountered and felt a strong calling to join the monastics. He was later ordained in the Thai Theravada Buddhist tradition, from which he learnt and practiced Four Foundations of Mindfulness. His previous knowledge and practice in martial arts and Chinese Medicine were very helpful in deepening his understanding of the balance between mind and body, and the practice of meditation. He converted to Chinese Buddhism in 1986 and was trained under the late Buddhist Master Venerable Zhumo in Penang, Malaysia.

In 1992, Ven. Jiru traveled to the US to share the Dharma, and was later appointed abbot of the Temple of Enlightenment in NYC, and served there from 1992-1994, and again from 2002-2004. It was around this time that Grandmaster Sam Chin first came to the United States.

With Ven. Jiru’s help, Grandmaster Sam Chin was able to stay as an employee in Chuang Yen Monastery where Ven. Jiru would serve as the abbot at the time, after which he retired to Augusta, MO full time to focus on building and developing MABA, a fully functioning Buddhist monastery. With the exception of a single existing structure, Ven. Jiru, along with the other monastics and laypersons, built MABA brick by brick into the amazing place it is today.

In August 2017 upon Grandmaster Sam Chin’s request, Ven. Jiru agreed to host the first annual meditation retreat for I Liq Chuan students, guiding them in the “Four Foundations of Mindfulness”, using the four main postures of sitting, standing, walking and laying down. Ven. Jiru has a very unique and practical approach to teaching mindfulness.

Grandmaster Sam Chin desired his students to receive deeper guidance in concentration and mindfulness practice from an expert like Ven. Jiru.


– £700 for CFILC Members with early registration by February the 7th 2023. After the deadline 10% will be added.
– £770 for non-members with early registration by February the 7th 2023. After the deadline 10% will be added.
– £580 available only for East European CFILC Members (living and working there) with early registration February the 7th 2023. After the deadline 10% will be added.
Price includes tuition and training, basic accommodation (bunk bed) for full stay and three meals daily. There are only 26 bunk beds which will be reserved for those attending full retreat first.

There are duvets & pillows in the bedrooms, linen will be provided as well. Towels can be provided for additional costs. For those who are not able to stay with us at Felden Lodge, the price will be the same.

We offer a discount for couples! Special bed arrangements upon request! (private twin rooms with their own bathroom – extra £30/night/room)! Limited availability – please e-mail for details to ireneusz.zareba@iliqchuan.com


PAYPAL https://www.paypal.me/AwarenessAcademy/70

(IMPORTANT!!! Please use ‘pay as a friend option’. As a payment REFERENCE please use Spring & state your food preferences MEAT or VEGETARIAN or VEGAN – eg. Spring/Vegan etc) or

Domestic – Ireneusz Zareba, 04-00-75 21589100
International – Ireneusz Zareba, IBAN: GB48 REVO 0099 7010 7642 72 BIC:REVOGB21

(IMPORTANT!!! As a payment REFERENCE please use Spring state your food preferences MEAT or VEGETARIAN or VEGAN – eg. Spring/Vegan etc)

Deposit is non-refundable


For any enquiry you might have please contact the organizer:
Irek Zareba
Mob: (+44) 07877044384
Email: ireneusz.zareba@iliqchuan.com

Look forward to seeing you in April 2023 during the 6th UK Retreat!!!