Toronto (Canada) 21 Form with Joshua Craig September 22-23, 2018

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Date(s) - 22/Sep/18 - 23/Sep/18
12:00 am


I Liq Chuan: Introduction to the “21 Form”

Pre-requisites: No previous experience is required to attend. This workshop is open to all participants! All concepts and principles will be reviewed.

Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan foundation training includes two short forms, the “21 Form” and the “Butterfly Form”. The forms were designed as vehicles through which the student may learn to see, recognize and realize the principles of Nature in action.

The 21 Form teaches you to connect your body and to move in a smooth and continuous fashion. Whereas in the 15 Basic Exercises you learned to isolate and develop the Five Qualities, in the 21 Form you learn to change gears – to practice the Five Qualities in different combinations and sequences. Also known as the “Fullness Form”, the 21 Form provides you the opportunity to recognize the Six Directions and the Three Dimensions.

In this workshop we will review the 21 Form Choreography as well as look at applications for selected movements, highlighting the principles. This will be an ongoing series, designed to review applications for the entire sequence.

Level 3: 21 Form

  1. Commencing Form
  2. Left & Right Holding Ball
  3. Whirl & Hook
  4. Pull & Push
  5. Drag & Shoulder
  6. Brush Knee & Push
  7. Circle & Press
  8. Whirl, Turn, Push
  9. Turn, Tap, Fend & Push
  10. Turn, Palm Strike
  11. Row Backward & Forward
  12. Split Hands on Both Sides
  13. Brush Off, Press Down, Elbow Strike, Push
  14. Turn while Holding Ball
  15. Left and Right Kick
  16. Relax, Whirl, Fend & Push (1+3 times)
  17. Turn, Brush & Strike (Right and Left)
  18. Grab & Kick
  19. Dash and Push with Both Hands
  20. Both Hands Lift
  21. Closing Form

Workshop Fees
$170 CAD

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