[Maryland, USA] ‘Balancing’ Recognizing the Present Moment with Inst. Lan Tran

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Date(s) - 27/Aug/23
10:00 am - 4:30 pm



The Martial Art of Awareness is a way to develop mind and physical integration and it’s used all over the world. It’s an Asian-influenced path developed by Grandmaster Sam F.S. Chin—the founder of the ZHONG XIN DAO path of a neutral center way. It uses the martial arts training, specifically the Chin family art of I LIQ CHUAN, as a tool that guides students to use specific exercises that train attention to balance yourself and life. This art is transparent and one can adapt its principles of mindfulness in everyday life as well as transform how you train your art. It is not what you train but HOW you train that makes the difference.

Workshop Topics

• Understanding Nature, Nature of Mind, and Nature of Movement
• Yin/Yang- Separation and Unification.
     o Realizing Complementary Opposites
• Balancing – Understanding the Process of Neutral Movement
     o MAINTAINING, Balance Point, Defense Point, Application point
• Balanced Movement in 3 Dimensions
     o Understanding movement in 6 directions
• Tensegrity within the Sphere – Maintaining to see the difference

Instructors Lan Tran and Nancy Watterson, the Academic Coordinators for the Martial Art of Awareness and second generation disciples of Grandmaster Sam F.S. Chin. Under his guidance and direct instruction from Master Rich Kelly (Senior US Instructor of ZXD/ILC), they have developed a unique systematic approach to teach this art at Cabrini University (undergraduate) and University of Pennsylvania (graduate) and now are taking this approach to the general public.

Workshop Fee:

$125 at the door
$100 pre-pay by August, 20, 2023 with PayPal to sifulantran@verizon.net