(1-2 DEC 2018) GM Sam Chin & Hsin Chin [Madrid, ES]

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Date(s) - 01/Dec/18 - 02/Dec/18
10:00 am - 5:30 pm


Pre-requisites: No previous experience is required to attend. This workshop is open to all participants! All concepts and principles will be reviewed.

Grandmaster Sam F.S. Chin, the founder of Zhong Xin Dao, along with his son Hsin Chin, and licensed instructor Joshua Craig will be introducing a new series of workshops in Madrid, Spain – the first of which will be a two-day workshop on December 1-2, 2018!

Grandmaster Chin will lead us, step-by-step, until we realize that it is the process of balancing our own minds and bodies that is the source of our power.

Grandmaster Chin’s Zhong Xin Dao is a “style neutral” approach, a path of development that uses mindfulness to cultivate awareness of both mind and body, that will enable you to let go of reflexive habits through conscious action. Practitioners of all styles of martial and movement arts (and beginners too!) will benefit from this exploration of these universal principles.

In this workshop you will explore:

  • Philosophy, Concepts, and Principles
  • Mindfulness, Concentration, Attention
  • The Nature of Awareness
  • The Five Qualities of Movement Unification
  • The Six Directions and the Three Dimensions
  • The Macrocosmic Energy Flow
  • Solo Exercises
  • Partner Exercises

During these two days of concentrated practice, you will deepen your understanding of yourself, as well as your relationship with the world around you.

We invite everyone to join us for this mind-body experience!













Please note that space in this workshop is limited.

  • Prices:
    • Pay in cash on Saturday December 1st, 2018 – 150 EUR per person
    • Register online (pay via PayPal) by November 30th, 2018 – 125 EUR per person
    • Special price for groups – 100 EUR per person


Save 25€ by registering online!