Become an I Liq Chuan Instructor or Group Leader!

The Instructor Certification program* is your springboard to a deep understanding of Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan – Sam Chin Way, the authority to coach it, and the ability to award rank to future students.

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To help you master the fundamentals of the art, so you can successfully start a new class in your area.

Study at your own pace, anywhere.

Work through the textbook, workbook, and course videos at your own speed, anywhere in the world. Plus, you’ll get help when you need it via our private, online support group, and an already experienced Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan instructor assigned to you as a coach, and mentor in the art.

A proven system.

Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan has developed a reputation around the world as a no nonsense, direct system of training for both physical and mental.

The art has been proven in competition, and the University level, having been taught as part of a credit course at both Penn State and Cabrini University, with additional programs on the way.


All participants must register as a Zhong Xin Dao student member. (See details Student Membership here.)

Instructor License
Before completing the course, and beginning a sanctioned study group or class, you must pay the annual fee for licensing rights. (See the details of the license fee and agreement here)

The full course is taught in seven modules.

Module 1
Basic Exercises 1-5

Module 2
Basic Exercises 5-10

Module 3
Basic Exercises 11 & 12

Module 4
Basic Exercises 13-15

Module 5
21 Form part 1

Module 6
21 Form part 2

Module 7
21 Form part 3

How it works

There are three options for completing each module.

  1. Several times each year, a special workshop will be offered by GM Sam Chin in NY covering the material for each module.
  2. Authorized senior instructors will offer accredited workshops throughout the world covering each module at different times tonight the year.
  3. You may invite an authorized senior instructor to offer an accredited workshop in your area.

Each module will have associated required online reading, videos and quizzes, as well as the overall course textbook and workbook. Each modules written and read material, and videos must be completed prior to completing the in person training at an authorized module workshop.

After completing the appropriate course work, and each module, you will be evaluated in person, and awarded the appropriate rank when appropriate.

After completing all modules successfully, you will be evaluated for instructor rank (level 1).

Do I need to complete all seven modules before starting a class?

No, after completing the first three modules, you will be authorized to start a limited study group in your area after you have paid your licensing fee.

Once I start my own study group, when can I offer testing and award rank?

After you have completed all seven modules and have been awarded instructor level 1, you may begin to award rank to your own students on a limited basis.

Do I need to complete the program by a certain date?

No, this course is a “progress at your own pace” program. There is a minimum period of [x time] of training and study before you can complete the program,,but you can take as long as you like, or need.

I’m not much of a “book learner”. If I have trouble completing the written portion of the program, will I fail the course?

No. Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan is a course of physical and mental cultivation. Although the minimum written material and quizzes are mandatory, ultimately your completion of the program rests on completing the workshops, and being able to competently perform the movements and exercises with the right understanding. The written material is meant solely as a study aid to maximize your learning process.

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*CFILC (Chin Family I Liq Chuan) makes a clear distinction between the I Liq Chuan Instructor grade awarded for personal achievement within the I Liq Chuan learning curriculum and the Licensed I Liq Chuan Instructor and Authorized I Liq Chuan Group Leader.
Instructors who wish to open school and/or class to teach I Liq Chuan, grade I Liq Chuan students, use I Liq Chuan copyrighted materials, or use I Liq Chuan trademark must get approval from CFILC.