Become an I Liq Chuan Instructor or Group Leader!

CFILC (Chin Family I Liq Chuan) makes a clear distinction between the I Liq Chuan Instructor grade awarded for personal achievement within the I Liq Chuan learning curriculum and the Licensed I Liq Chuan Instructor and Authorized I Liq Chuan Group Leader.
Instructors who wish to open school and/or class to teach I Liq Chuan, grade I Liq Chuan students, use I Liq Chuan copyrighted materials, or use I Liq Chuan trademark must get approval from CFILC.
If you are interested in becoming a Licensed I Liq Chuan Instructor or Licensed Study Group Leader, please contact using our contact page, or you can call us by phone at +18456353567

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