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Sunday Master's Class w/ GM Sam Chin

Sunday, July 23, 2017
Workshop Topic: 

Come train at a Sunday Class with Master Sam Chin on the Neutral Path of Zhong Xin Dao coined by the Master himself. This is a martial art cultivation path to awareness and balance of daily life.

Class is beneficial to all specifically to those looking to find a better balance in life and to improve hand-eye coordination. This class is suitable for all levels even if you have not learn martial arts before.

Don't miss the opportunity to train with the gate-keeper of I Liq Chuan and founter of Zhong Xin Dao!

Master Sam Chin is a internationally renowned reputable Martial Art master who has appeared in many magazine and television interviews worldwide. He was also featured on a on a 90 minute documentary movie by China's mainstream television network CCTV 9. He has also taught and trained many students to excel in various martial arts competitions, as well as to becoming a martial art instructor.

No registration needed. Just drop by and enjoy the class!

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active I Liq Chuan student members will receive $20 discount on attendance.

*your student member dues must be current for the year to receive discount.


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Hsin Chin
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About The Instructor: 

GM Sam FS ChinGM° Sam F.S. Chin is the co-founder of the art, and the current gate keeper of the system. He is the founder and President of Chin Family I Liq Chuan Association, as well as the creator of I Liq Chuan Grading System.  

GM° Sam Chin trained martial arts since childhood by his father - the founder of I Liq Chuan, Chin Lik Keong.  During the 1980's, GM° Sam Chin won numerous competitions, as well as the state heavy weight kickboxing championships of Selangor (Malaysia) in 1978. He was also recognized by the USA Wushu Kung-Fu Federation as a Hall of Fame Outstanding Master.

In August 2009, GM° Sam F.S. Chin is officially named the Gate Keeper / Lineage Holder of the art by his father, founder of I Liq Chuan, Chin Lik Keong.

Today, GM° Sam F.S. Chin continues his teaching via workshops worldwide and resides in Pleasant Valley New York with his wife and four children.

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