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Why Do You Train I Liq Chuan?

I would like to pose a question to my fellow students;

Why do you train I Liq Chuan?

This question comes up as a result of a recurring discussion that I have with some of my local group here in AZ. Quite often I think that we see or understand the intrinsic value of I Liq Chuan training in our hearts, but when it comes time to try to explain the return on investment of our time and effort to someone else, we're at a loss to be able to verbalize it clealy.

So I'd like to hear from all of you on the subject!

I've answered and described

I've answered and described the same thing to other martial arts enthusiasts many times before. When I first was introduced to I-Liq Chuan, I thought it was pretty cool that I was shown how to maintain the mid-range, and enter when it's safe. It's very practical, and no fancy "flowers".

As I got a bit more into it, I see how the system really helps explain the body mechanics in a very scientific, non-mythical, no-mystified way, and it improved the other arts I've been practicing. So then I thought, "Great, I-Liq really supplements my other stuff!" ILC really gives a clear blueprint (the philosophy/concepts/principles) on how to achieve the techniques successfully CONSISTENTLY, instead of just fishing around in muddy water until you have accidental success.

Then the further I got into it, I realize it is quite a complete system that I can stay with as my main course, and no longer as a side-dish/supplement. Also because it's the principles that can apply to MANY aspects of martial arts, even if there's no weapon forms and no ground fighting forms now in ILC to memorize a bunch of techniques, the same principles can apply to those if you are clear on them.

So in summary, what hooked me on ILC still, is the very tangible explanation in the ILC system that's helping me to understand what makes my other techniques work, and I've never seen another system with such a clear approach to learning and understanding my own body mechanics, how to be mindful of myself and my environment at all times, and without all the nearly supernatural "Chi flow this, Chi flow that..." that made other external martial artists think internal arts are all B.S.

    Jeffrey Wong
An actual conversation on this...

This is an actual copy/paste of a FB conversation I had with my Tai Chi classmate just yesterday, of me explaining something similar about ILC:

Natasha: Jeff, how is I Liq Chuan different from taijiquan?
Me: I Liq on the surface is different from Tai Ji, I Liq likes to keep the middle range and then enter when you're sure, Tai Ji likes to bring the opponent in, or yourself into the opponent,
but then the core principles are really the same,
and I Liq has a more scientific set of terms and languages to define many of the principles and theories and actions
so I feel it really helped me understand Tai Chi better
just like the beginning posture in Tai Chi, I never understood why you raise the hand and drop them, then Master Yu explained the applications to me, but I couldn't do it.
But from learning I Liq, I learned which muscle does what role in that simple movement, and the entire coordination made the application, applicable. And with that real engine, it enables internal arts to be effective, I have a clearer blue print of what I need to be doing. Otherwise, simply doing pushhands to search for the feeling will take forever, because I don't know what I'm searching for.
Natasha: Okay. It seems like the biomechanics are explained a bit clearer, then?
Me: yes, so it's not all the mystifying and mythical "Chi"
everything is still real world physics and finding what your body is most efficient to do, and avoid brute force. Everything is in line with Tai Chi Chuan.
Natasha: Never subscribed to the mysticism of chi. I think that was put out there by folks who didn't know the applications and wanted to give an excuse for the lack of practice, combined with "it takes so many years..." to become a 'master' In fact, Chen Xiao Xing never refers to chi, and emphasizes correct body mechanics.
Me: Right, but Tai Chi usually don't have a good system to describe what is needed to have those body mechanics.


    Jeffrey Wong
Why I train ILC

For me as a (not blind but) very sighted person it is very important to train in a near range. I Liq Chuan gives me the needed tools and explanations to learn and develope my mind, body structure, feelings to be confident in life.

Why I Train ILC

I train in ILC because the depth of knowledge that my sifu has imparted on me has been profound, I have been able to link many little pieces that were missing through my previous training, and while similar the differences are quite profound. I find that I continue to pull new understandings from the forms that my Sifu teaches and continue to further understand the principles of this art which are essentially quite simple.

Hey Guy, welcome to the forum

Hey Guy, welcome to the forum!
Some good answers so far. I'm hoping some other members will offer their points as well.

discipline, concentration & wisdom
Twitter - @luoyegongfu
Facebook - /svn7svn

I want a happy life ...

I want a happy life ... I Liq Chuan makes me happy! :)

good answer. =)

good answer. =)

discipline, concentration & wisdom
Twitter - @luoyegongfu
Facebook - /svn7svn

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