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What to train, what to train...

Hello everybody,

I think this is actually my first ever post on the ILC forum! Long time coming, or just right?

Anyways I was perusing le rumsoakedfist compendium of myth and legend seeking the opinions of the masses on different training techniques and different types of applications of energies and what not, and it got me thinking... How do some of these guys/gals actually get to training when their so busy pontificating who or what knows best?

I personally get a kick out of discussing different types of "energies" and "manifestations" that may or may not occur. It's kind of fun even. You could say that it even tickles my brain a little bit. However, isn't it just a bit... Too much? Instead of asking, "Okay, I get this... What do I train NOW Sifu?" Doesn't it make sense to say, "I'm just going to TRAIN."

I tend to work best when I just show up, even though it means confronting the ridiculous crap that may build up in my psyche. I really just enjoy training because for me that's when the magic happens, at least that's what it feels like. That's why I love to train ILC, you just have to show up. No smoke and mirrors, no magic.

Wait a second... Maybe there's a little bit of magic.

Ya'll have a similar experience as me? Or am I kinda sorta slightly asinine?

very nice post Josh, glad to

very nice post Josh, glad to see you contributing to the forum!

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Thank you Sifu! I'm glad I

Thank you Sifu! I'm glad I have the CAPACITY to contribute. :)

Two ways to win: Don't lose in the first place, and stop losing when you're already losing.

Make sense?



As long as you recognize that this is your personal learning style and preference, then what you posted is fine. Just be careful to recognize that individual learning styles are perhaps as varied as the number of practitioners.

As two examples from different ends of a spectrum of learning styles, some prefer to physically feel lessons before trying to understand them intellectually, whereas others prefer to get some intellectual understanding in order to be able focus on and interpret what they may then work on physically.

To each their own! Just don’t assume that your preference is the correct way for everyone else.

Happy training,

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