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2015 NY I Liq Chuan Intensive Retreat

Please share your impression of the retreat here for those who couldn't attend.  Questions for thoughts to start with:

1. What was the most valuable thing that you learned at the workshop from Master Sam Chin?

2. What was the most helpful assistance that you received from your fellow kung fu brothers and sisters?

3. Your impression overall or anything specific.

4. What topics were being covered and what exercises did you trained?  Your thoughts on it?

5. Accommodation & meals?  


For me its always great

For me its always great seeing friends and making new ones. I'm forever delighted with the kindness with which senior brothers and sisters share insights and teachings. And to feel like I also contributed to helping others refine their understanding and development.
Its hard to pinpoint one aspect of the workshop that I found most valuable, but I did find the structure of how each day was presented made the workshop progress with great clarity for me. Great continuity and balance between lecture and exercises to build on the theme of recognizing the reference point. "working to see the reference point before you can use the reference, you must be clear".
Grinding to feel the point and recognizing what quadrant of the cross you are in, or need to be in to propel the proper action. Master Chin seemed to be working also at making the point more accurate, always returning to the importance of having proper alignment to back up the feel. I've always had difficulty with wrapping, coiling. But the exercises and explanations of coiling from feet to hands through all the center points of the structure to the point of contact greatly increased my understanding.

I always wish I could correct everything right then and there at the workshops but beyond being there, the most valuable thing is what I was able to take with me to work on in training and also in contemplative insight. Everything seems to return to looking inward to find clarity. And I think sometimes I miss seeing that as I work to make the actions physically correct.
I wish we could have done the Five Element spin that Master Chin discussed on the last day, been a while since I've done that one. All in all a great workshop, great location. Thank you Sigong, Yen and everyone who worked to make it a great experience.

Rich D

Accomodation is important

I think answering just #5 is the most important for me.

I actually preferred more of last year's Tucson retreat format, although not the sleeping quarters which were too cramped, but I preferred that we all lived and trained at one location from morning to night more intensively. I know many people lived at GM Chin's house for the weekend and continued to practice at night, after leaving the hotel conference room where the daytime trainings were done, but that wasn't possible for all workshop attendees to do so, unlike the Arizona retreat where more high level seniors could assist others with their training during the nightly free time, without everyone needing to part ways each night, and I felt that was immensely helpful.

Also compared to last year where we had more time to spent together doing simple house chores or whatever else, it was a better bonding experience also among all of the ILC family members.

    Jeffrey Wong
2015 NY I Liq Chuan Intensive Retreat Reflections

2015 NY I Liq Chuan Intensive Retreat Reflections
It has taken me a while to think about these questions because I needed time to work out exactly what I have learned and achieved over the past year and how the Intensive put it all together for me, specifically the dynamics of a true ILC Intensive. To preface the following, I want to mention that I was blown away at the amount of information I was getting. I venture to say practically the whole system, logically explained, demonstrated, and hands on transmission w/ seniorial(sp?) supervision to maintain a uniformity of information while also adding personal analogies that convey the proper information and feel.
1. What was the most valuable thing that you learned at the workshop from Master Sam Chin?
Everything starts with one’s viewpoint. One’s viewpoint on each principle must be clear to see how they all harmonize
2. What was the most helpful assistance that you received from your fellow kung fu brothers and sisters?
The consistency in the skills of the senior students made everything helpful. It didn’t matter who I was paired with, each imparted an uncanny sensing ability to read my errors and correct them so as I understood the feel of neutral in everything they did. The corrections given were tailored to the individual’s needs and not general cursory corrections. I very much appreciated that exacting kind of corrections that did not conflict from one senior to the next. This is a very rare experience from many seminars I’ve taken.
3. Your impression overall or anything specific.
I’m such an ILC geek at this point, there is not much not to like. The timing of the instructions, practice, breaks, in my opinion was perfect so as I did not burn out over the four days. I appreciate the time with all the ILC family as well as enough alone time so as I’m not mentally taxed from continuous activity.
4. What topics were being covered and what exercises did you trained? Your thoughts on it?
Being new to ILC and time to have all that information gel until today as I write this (Mar 27, 2015), I liked it all. I did not have a favorite exercise. In retrospect, the meaningful shared insights I got from the senior students all helped me zero in on the viewpoint, the feel, and quality of ease of each exercise was what I enjoyed. There wasn't any meaningless drills which I appreciate in a big way.
The clarity in skill that I have experienced since I have started ILC this time last year in addition to the experience of the Intensive has been one of the most meaningful ones in my martial career of forty three years. Passing level 1 & 2 grading was a blast!! :)
5. Accommodation & meals?
Perfect location, good pricing. Let’s to it again!

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