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Hi everyone,

This post is a reply to Peter's comment on the Vienna/Buchberg seminar last week: http://iliqchuan.com/content/seminar-notes#comment-1005316 but I thought it deserved a new thread so perhaps others could give their insights and ideas on the topic.

On the seminar Sifu introduced a way of working through the elements as found in the first spin of spinning hands. Each element was separated out and worked with condense and expand and focus on particular inner organs related with each element. The elements are linked to organs in the following way:

Earth - spleen & pancreas (yin), stomach (yang) 

Metal - lungs (yin), large intestine (yang)

Water - kidneys (yin), urinary bladder (yang)

Wood - liver (yin), gall bladder (yang)

Fire - heart & pericardium (yin), small intestine & triple heater (yang)

Each exercise may be used to support and balance a particular meridian or they can be used in the order of productive cycle (as listed above) to balance the whole body.

I'm looking forward to further developments of this nei gong. Perhaps it can be also used in connection with sounds of organs + meridian paths. Anyone could add any thoughts on this?

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Although the following figure

Although the following figure is from Xingyiquan [thus the Exploding (Pao), Crossing (Heng), etc.] it nicely shows the relationships between the elements as well as the associated organs [which are abbreviated in a western fashion: + = Yang, - = Yin, SI = Small Intestine, TH = Triple Heater, etc.]

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here's a chart i photoshopped

here's a chart i photoshopped together from a TCM class I took awhile back.

five elements cycle - martial and qigong

doing the cycle with the sounds would be interesting. found this doing a quick google search brings up this - 


Organ               Element          Color                 Sounds

Liver                    Wood             Green                 Shuu

Heart                    Fire                Red                    Haaa

Spleen                 Earth            Yellow                Whoo

Lungs                  Metal              White                 Tsss

Kidneys               Water              Blue                   Fuu



But the things i think is how to make the sounds properly?

for instance, since the kidney point are near the ming men it would seem intuitive to make the "fu" sound with a little punctured breath and tuck of the ribs to massage the kidneys, but maybe with less force than fa jin...


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Five Elements

The Five Elements qi gung as taught by Sifu (Changing with the Change) can certainly be connected through Traditional Chinese Medicine and Philosophies with sounds, colors, organs, tastes, emotions, animals, grains, planets, and many other correspondences, including numeralogy. The Organ connections as described in the letter by Bartek are not entirely correct: the Earth Element is related to the Spleen which is Yin and Stomach which is Yang. The pancreas is not part of any element correspondence. The Fire Element corresponds to the Heart (Yin) and the Small Intestine (Yang). The Pericardium and San Jiao are not considered organs but rather regions and are not related to the Five Elements. The Pericardium is the Heart Protector, the region around the heart as in western Biology. The San (three) Jiao (Burners) is the three regions of the abdomen, upper, middle and lower regions.

It would appear that the Organs' channels or meridians are involved with this element flow taught by Sifu.

Respectfully submitted, Nick Nanos



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Thank you for your

Thank you for your corrections, Nick! Spleen/Stomach Yin/Yang is an obvious mistake and I'm going to correct it now in the original posting. 

The pancreas, however, is a part of the classification indeed and is sometimes considered a "part" of the spleen system, and sometimes listed alongside with the spleen. At least this is how my TCM teacher/doctor taught me.

Pericardium is treated as a yin counterpart of the San Jiao and are part of the five elements, both under fire, as phases complementary to heart and small intestine. All four were given by Sifu as a reference for the Fire Nei Gong.


"Change with the change" - Sifu

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