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I Liq Chuan (literally translated as Mental-Physical Martial Art) is an art of cultivating consciousness based on Tao and Chan (Zen) philosophy of "The Way As It Is" and "Suchness".

I Liq Chuan is a style of Kung Fu based on physical sensitivity and mindful awareness. It does not develop habitual techniques for dealing with particular situations. The student begins to understand how "mental and physical" affect each other through the learning process of "recognizing and realizing" and not to accumulate or imitate. Student learn to understand the skill necessary to unify and coordinate them.

I Liq Chuan training system consists of the following:

Philosophy, Concepts, and Principles

Nian - Mindful

"I Liq Chuan is an art of awareness. Awareness reveals the interdependence between the nature of mind, , internal energy and physical result."

  • Six Physical Points
  1. Relaxation
  2. Center of Gravity
  3. Alignment
  4. Upper Center Point, Center of Mass
  5. Internal and External Circle
  6. Spinning Force of Coordination
  • Three Mental Factors
  1. Present
  2. Formless
  3. Neutral
  • Suchness Feel
  1. Way as it is
  • Meditation
  1. Mindfulness Meditation

Unifying the Mental & Physical

  • 13 Points
  • 15 Basic Exercises to understand:
  1. Mechanism of the Body Movement
  2. 3 Dimensional Planes
  3. Energy Force of Yin & Yang
  4. Standing Meditation
  5. Breathing Exercises
  6. Footwork
  7. Kicking
  8. Power Training
  • Form Training
  1. 21 Form
  2. Butterfly Form

Unifying Yourself with the Opponent and Environment

  • Partner Training
  1. Spinning Hands
  2. Sticky Hands
  3. Chin-Na
  4. Sanshou

Students are taught the art through philosophies, concepts, and principles and a series of exercises in order to learn to recognize and discipline the inner energy flow (Chi). And to see and feel the conditions while staying both mentally and physically in the process of present, formless, and neutral.

By understanding the harmony (yin and yang) of the body, recognizing the limits of the structure, the movement in each of the three dimensional planes of cycles with 6 energies, the student transforms this internal energy into internal power, recognizing Chi which propels the appropriate natural body movements.

I Liq Chuan makes you aware of your strength, its limits, and the best use of your strength for self-defense. To do so, I Liq Chuan developed the "13 Points" structure guide to help students recognize the physical neutral state to unify self and the "15 Basic Exercises" to unify movement.

Our I Liq Chuan grading curriculum guides student through a comprehensive learning path and helps you see the path from the beginning to the end. To learn more, please visit our GRADING page.