Slovakia Training Camp 2013

Submitted by Ashe Higgs on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 3:14pm
Date & Time: 
Fri, 06/07/2013 - 10:00pm - Thu, 06/13/2013 - 10:00pm


I Liq Chuan Mountain Retreat Slovakia

Instructors Miro Kovacik and Ashe Higgs present a seven day training camp in beautiful Drabsko, Slovakia.

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Instruction will be presented in English with German, Russian or Slovak translation available as needed.

Daily there will be 10 hours of training. There will be enough breaks as well. We want to reach a balanced mixture between the mental and physical training.

There will be program first the morning program for meditation, Qigong, Zhang Zhuang. After the breakfast there will be the training for Basic Exercises and applications for the Basic Exercises. Later on there will be classes for the 21 Form and Butterfly Form with applications, Spinning Hands and Sticky Hands.

Every day, the the program will be divided in common classes for everybody and to specific classes for smaller groups for the specific levels of the I Liq Chuan curricullum. In detail, there will be smaller classes dedicated to the 21 Form and Butterfly forms both for the choreography and for their martial applications. There will be also smaller groups dedicated to the Basic Exercises.

Both instructors will teach their smaller groups. It is possible that we will engage a further instructor in the classes well, in case the number of participants will require it. On the other side, there will be also common classes led by Ashe Higgs dedicated to the partner training, that means Spinning Hands, Sticky Hands with Meet and Match. Here, the less advanced students can practice with more advanced students and this will make them to learn faster. The more advanced students will learn how to feed their partners with the right energy for the particular exercise. This is considered one of the highest skill of a good instructor.

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I Liq Chuan GradingWe will work partly in small groups in order to teach what the particular
participants need for their next step in the I Liq Chuan curriculum. We will prepare both the students (up to student level 6) and instructors (up to
instructor level 2) towards the grading.
For those who will be ready for the grading, we will conduct the grading up to
student level 4 and instructor level 1 at the end of the camp.

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Mini Tournament

We will organize a small internal tournament to test our readiness and attention. The participation is free. It will be not about winning. Above all, we should have a lot of fun. There will be two disciplines:

  • Sticky Hands
  • Meet and Match.

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Leisure Time

I Liq Chuan Mountain Retreat SlovakiaOn one of the days there will be the opportunity to hike to the future I Liq
Chuan Mountain Retreat Center in Skorušina . The hike takes 1.5 hours in one direction.
Of course, there will be opportunity for other less tough leisure time activities,
especially lying in the sun and counting clouds and maybe picking some berries
or mushrooms:-).
The event is located in the beautiful mountains.

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Training Conditions

The training will be conducted outdoor. Normally in June the climate is very
enjoyable. Not too hot, not too cold. But it is better to bring also warm clothes.
In case of rainy weather, we will move to the local cultural centre in the village,
in case of very hot weather, there will be in a large tent.

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Workshop Fee*

Full Seven Day Participation** Non-Participationg Spouse or Partner***
525 EUR
265 EUR

*Price includes meals and accomodation

**Insturctors and Study Group Leaders who bring students to the camp will be awarded a discount incentive.

***For children we don't know the cost yet, but we will negotiate some reasonable solution with the owners of the respective site. It might be, that the accomodation for children below 6 years will be for free.

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Reservation and Advanced Payment

If you are interested to participate at this great event, please contact Miro by email ( to reserve your spot. As we have only limited amount of
free spaces, you should make a decision soon. To complete the reservation you must

  • pay in advance 150 EUR by 15th April.
  • via PayPal (to or
  • via wire transfer (for details about the bank account number, please contact Miro by e-mail)

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Shorter Stays

I Liq Chuan Mountain Retreat SlovakiaWe will prefer those who will stay for the full duration. Shorter stays will be
possible only if we will have enough capacities for accommodation. Shorter
stays will cost 5 EUR per day more than the proportional costs of a for full stay.

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Location & Transportation Information

The transport is not included in the price as there will be various ways how it
will be organized. Those who will not travel with their cars, but will fly to
Vienna or Bratislava, we will come up with some solution. Most of you will be
picked up by other participants who have cars and you will share the fuel
costs. You might also consider to rent a car and share it with other
The Village Drabsko, part Sedmak is located 250 km from the Slovakian capital
Bratislava towards east.

The closest airports are

  • Bratislava (250 km)
  • Vienna
    (300 km)
  • Budapest (200 km)
  • Cracow (250 km)
  • Zakopane (160 km).

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Closer view:

There are two ways. The northern one from Brezno, Cierny Balogis closer from Poland. The south-west one, from Zvolen, Detva, Hrinova is
closer for those who will be driving from Vienna.

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Close view:

Sedmak is 3 km from the centre of the village Drabsko. It is
located close the woods. There are not many houses around.

Northern Route
  • you will not pass the village Drabsko.
  • You need to turn left to
    Sedmak from the main road before Drabsko.
Southwestern Route
  • you need to turn to Sedmak to the right after passing Drabsko
  • After leaving
    the main road, follow the sign “Marekov dvor” for 200 meters.
  • On the next T-junction the sign “Marekov dvor” shows to the right. But you will turn left and will follow the road towards the hill.
  • After 300 meters the road will become worse. Don't worry, drive another 500 meters and turn to left in you see a parking lot and the house (Penzion Arkus, Anna Pazicka).

See also the map below. In case, you get lost, give a call to Lukas (cell: +421 905 868 389), who will be in charge of organization (see the contact at the end of this document).

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Health Insurance

I Liq Chuan seminars are very save as the main goal is to train and develop our attention. Nevertheless make sure that you have a coverage of risks by the travel insurance.

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The Instructors

About Ashe Higgs:

Ashe has been training I Liq Chuan since
2001, and has been a disciple of Master Sam FS Chin since 2007.

He has competed in full contact San Da winning gold medals (2007
Taiji Legacy light heavy weight, 2008 World Kuo Shu unlimited weight)
and a silver (2009 Legends of Kung Fu heavy weight), and currently
lives and trains with a small group of private students in Tempe,
Arizona USA.

Ashe is currently one a select few students around the world to hold
the I Liq Chuan rank of Student Level 6.

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About Miro Kovacik

Miro has been training martial arts since 1993 and I Liq Chuan since 2003. He has been a disciple of Master Sam FS Chin since 2012.

Miro is currently one of few students around the world to hold the I Liq Chuan rank of Student Level 6.

From 2003 while living in Munich, he trained closely with Frank Bauche for two years. During this period he experienced Master Sam Chin for himself at his seminars.

In 2005, he moved to Vienna. In 2007, after the first seminar with Master Sam Chin in Vienna, a study group began to train I Liq Chuan on a regular basis, and this training served as the genesis of the current school in Vienna.

Since 2007, he has taken advantage of frequent opportunities to train with Master Sam Chin at both numerous seminars and within the context of intensive training.
Miro has been a full time I Liq Chuan instructor since 2012. His portfolio includes both classes, seminars and intensive private training for distant students from various countries. Since 2012 he has been working on his project of I Liq Chuan mountain retreat center in Slovakia.

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Miro Kovacik
Contact phone: 
cell (SK): +421 948 286 770, cell (AT): +43 699 1051 5832



I Liq Chuan Mountain Retreat Drabsko