I Liq Chuan at Massachusetts with Master Sam Chin

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Sun, 11/04/2012 - 5:00pm - 11:00pm

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I Liq Chuan (literally translated as Mental-Physical Martial Art) is an internal art that has become known for its effectiveness as a martial art. The practice of I Liq Chuan develops the ability to react spontaneously to attacks, not relying upon pre-arranged
responses, through its specialized partner practices of Spinning Hands & Sticky Hands.

This weekend Master Sam Chin will guide us in learning how to develop specific qualities the internal arts are known for, through solo exercises and partner practice.

By practicing a series of movement drills combined with attention, we will learn to unify ourselves and in turn, with a partner. It is through the physical sensitivity and awareness of the reactions of both our partners and our own bodies that we will begin to feel and
act in the moment, rather than thinking and anticipating.

Here is what you will learn this weekend: Master Sam F.S. Chin applies a vital strike

  1. Taiji & Chan (Zen) approaches to learning.
  2. Understand, both mentally & physically, five qualities essential to
    the internal arts:
    •Absorb & Project
    •Open & Close
    •Condense & Expand
    •Concave & Convex
    •3-D Action
  3. To express the above qualities with a partner through
    Spinning Hands & Sticky Hands.
  4. Strategies of action in dealing with an opponent.
  5. Engaging the point of contact. What? How?


About Master Sam F.S. Chin
Image of Master Sam F.S. ChinMaster Sam Chin is the 1st lineage holder and gate keeper of the I Liq Chuan system. He devotes majority of his time into spreading the family art throughout the world. He had spend over 10 years refining the grading system that he developed in hopes for students to learn the art transparently.

He was a Selangor state heavy weight kickboxing champion in 1978. During the 1980's,
Master Chin continually won Push Hand Championships.

Through his own practice of Buddhist Chan (Zen) philosophies he has gained a deeper understanding of the concept of Awareness. This insight resulted in the tremendous improvement of I Liq Chuan as a martial art. Master Sam Chin has instructed countless students and promoted a select few to the level of instructor. Master Sam Chin's arduous undertaking has resulted in an increased interest in I Liq Chuan all across the globe.

Long time practitioners of many types of martial arts are amazed to see how the study of the internal principles through the lens of I Liq Chuan deepens their understanding of their respective arts.

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