I Liq Chuan 2 Days Seminar at Boston MA

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Sat, 03/29/2014 - 11:00am - Sun, 03/30/2014 - 5:00pm


2 Day I Liq Chuan seminar with Master Sam Chin 

I Liq Chuan Instructor Ashe HiggsGuest Instructor: GM° Sam FS Chin

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This workshop will focus on refining the 15 Basic Exercises with both solo and partner training, the Process of Spinning and Sticky Hands, and Applications and Principles of the 21 Form. The I Liq Chuan 5 Element Nei Gung will be covered with emphasis on using the Qualities and Force Dynamics of the 5 Elements within the context of Solo and Partner Training.

Spinning Hands & Sticky Hands
1. Eight cycles of Spinning Hands 1. Learn to Flow - Achieving Listening Power
2. How to Align Force to the Point of Contact 2. Limit and Power of Yin and Yang
3. Learning to Maintain Constant Energy 3. Flow with Opponent Defensively
on Changing Point of Contact 4. Flow with Opponent Offensively
4. Recognizing energy of Flow, Fend, Roll, 5. Neutralizing, Off Balancing, and Capturing
and Pivot Opponent's Mass
6. Upper Hand and Lower Hand Control

Here is what you will learn this weekend:

  1. Taiji & Chan (Zen) approaches to learning.
  2. Understand, both mentally & physically, five qualities essential to
    the internal arts:
    •Absorb & Project
    •Open & Close
    •Condense & Expand
    •Concave & Convex
    •3-D Action
  3. To express the above qualities with a partner through
    Spinning Hands & Sticky Hands.
  4. Strategies of action in dealing with an opponent.
  5. Engaging the point of contact. What? How

If you think; you don't know. If you know; you don't think.”
-Grandmaster Sam FS Chin

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Dates & Times

Saturday March 29th 11am - 5pm
Sunday March 30th 11am - 5pm

Approx. six hours of instruction daily with a small lunch break.

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Workshop Location

Boston Ultimate Fitness

33 Harrison Ave.7th Floor

Boston, MA 02111

United States
Boston Ultimate Fitness is located above the Silky Way building on the 7th floor at the corner of Harrison and Beach St., in the heart of China Town.


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Workshop Fee



Early RSVP - By Mar. 10th, 2014 After Mar. 10th, 2014
2 Days - $235
1 Day  - $135
2 Days - $250
1 Day  - $150

*In an effort to promote grading and active membership in the I Liq Chuan Association, we will be awarding the following discounts on
the entrance fee.  In order to receive the following discounts,
you must pre-register via our website, be in good membership standing, bring your passbook and be in full uniform (t-shirt, pants,
and sash).

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Click HERE to register today!

Or navigate through Products > Workshop > Workshop Reservations on the menu of the site

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About the Instructor

GM Sam FS ChinGM° Sam F.S. Chin is the co-founder of the art, and the current gate keeper of the system. He is the founder and President of Chin Family I Liq Chuan Association, as well as the creator of I Liq Chuan Grading System.  

GM° Sam Chin trained martial arts since childhood by his father - the founder of I Liq Chuan, Chin Lik Keong.  During the 1980's, GM° Sam Chin won numerous competitions, as well as the state heavy weight kickboxing championships of Selangor (Malaysia) in 1978. He was also recognized by the USA Wushu Kung-Fu Federation as a Hall of Fame Outstanding Master.

In August 2009, GM° Sam F.S. Chin is officially named the Gate Keeper / Lineage Holder of the art by his father, founder of I Liq Chuan, Chin Lik Keong.

Today, GM° Sam F.S. Chin continues his teaching via workshops worldwide and resides in Pleasant Valley New York with his wife and four children.

Read more about GM° Chin...

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Vladimir Babarykin
Contact phone: 



Boston Ultimate Fitness
33 Harrison Ave. 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
United States
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Location Address Correction

I just noticed the address above is not correct:

"Boston Ultimate Fitness
633 Harrison Ave.7th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
United States"

... Should be 33 Harrison Ave., 7th Floor.

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Thanks, Yen!

Thanks, Yen!

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Link for paying online

Some people are asking how to pay online - there is no link available for them to make their deposit for this seminar.

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My apologies, all workshops can be RSVPed under "Products > Workshops > Workshop Reservations". I have also included direct link included. Or you can go here as well: