Achieving Wonder Hand - Award Ceremony for Master Alex Skalozub

Submitted by Yen on Tue, 07/19/2011 - 10:43am

On July 11th 2011, Master Sam F.S. Chin - gate keeper of I Liq Chuan system, awarded Master Alex Skalozub the second highest level in I Liq Chuan grading system - "Wonder Hand".  Out of the 10 instructor certification levels in the grading system, "Good Hand", "Wonder Hand", and "Mystery Hand" are awarded instead of being graded.  Chief Instructor of Russia, Master Alex Skalozub is the first in I Liq Chuan history in achieving such success. 

Under the witness of students around the world, the ceremony was held on the opening day of the '2nd Annual I Liq Chuan Summer Camp' near Kiev. 

We congratulate him on his great achievement!  Congratulations!!