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disenchantment with rank in the martial arts world

I've been studying martial arts for a while now and have become fairly disenchanted with rank. The more I travel around the more I see bloated titles and people who, when you touch hands with them, simply do not have the training their rank seems to dictate.

I know standards are different everywhere; however, it seems to me that rank in many systems has become diluted. Many of the places I know of that have some good teachers are falling into the trap of "the more high-ranked students I have, the better the system."

For the first time in a long time, after discovering I Liq Chuan, I finally want to test for something again. Even having a Student Level 1 in I Liq Chuan seems to be a much higher achievement than others can boast about.

I don not like broadcasting my rank, I never have. If I go to seminars/gatherings I tend to not identify myself as any rank at all for multiple reasons (no assumptions are made about my skill set, I believe it helps me listen to the instructors more respectfully, etc.).

My limited exposure to people in I Liq Chuan so far has left me highly impressed. I look forward to meeting more people and learning from everyone. It is my desire to delve deep and have a lifelong practice of the art.

very cool! Where are you

very cool! Where are you training now?

Pennsylvania area north of

Pennsylvania area north of Philadelphia.

A very objective viewpoint.

A very objective viewpoint. Not everyone training out there is going to turn into a skilled martial artist. I think sometimes instructors feel they have to "take what they get" as students in order to continue the propogation of their respective systems, and pay the bills as well. The I Liq Chuan rank system is very well thought out by Master Sam F. S. Chin, with student and instructor levels constantly refining the philosophy, principles and concepts of The Art that his father Grandmaster Chin Lik Keong founded.
Good luck with your training!

Rich D

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