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Martial Arts and the Diaspora: Arts of Awareness, Ways of Life

Submitted by Yen on Tue, 06/02/2015 - 23:02

I Liq Chuan students Dr.Nancy Watterson and Lan Tran used this past semester to launch 2 academic full-credit courses featuring I Liq Chuan as a method of learning about learning. The interdisciplinary seminars (one offered to undergraduates at Cabrini College, the other to graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania) aimed to further ways of thinking about how people learn, about how people move, and about how to be more aware in everyday life.

Through weekly exercises, participant-observation, reflexive training, and meta-cognitive strategies students practiced key skills: how to observe, notice, nuance and narrate the essential ILC principles of movement with increasing accuracy. Though this findings are preliminary (this was a small pilot study n=10 and no control group), we have seen some promising results, particularly in the category of Change over term in Students’ Self Assessment of Awareness ~ I Liq Chuan Principles and Concepts.