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Workshop Recap & Tweets | GM Sam Chin in AZ, USA May 2016

Submitted by Ashe Higgs on Tue, 05/17/2016 - 16:32
Ashe Higgs's picture

We were fortunate enough to have GM° Sam Chin  back in Tempe over the May 7-8, 2016 weekend. I was especially excited to have Sifu back, as it was his first trip back to the Phoenix area in more than two years.

We spent Friday evening at Ruey's house catching some of Sifu's wisdom on video and listening to Ruey's stories from the early days at the Temple when Sifu first began teaching his family's martial art to the public.


Click here to view all our photos from this workshop.

We had a handful of students come in from out of state to support the workshop as well and it was their first time meeting Ruey. Lipyeow was in town from Hawaii and Devin and DeWayne, who are working together to build a study group in Portland, were in town as well, while Prince Bell came all the way from Tennessee!

Although he was a bit tired from a month in Europe, it was good to see Sifu looking strong and healthy again.

We spent the weekend focusing on fullness and the four qualities of contact unification (flow, fend, roll and pivot). Rather than tweeting a bunch of short text tweets, this time I took advantage of Twitter's native video platform to catch video notes instead, which I have embedded below.



My good friend and student Charles got his student level four, while DeWayne and Devin both got level three. Congrats to all!


Click here to view all our photos from this workshop.