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2015 Instructors Intensive Notes

Submitted by Ashe Higgs on Tue, 06/02/2015 - 18:37
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GM Sam Chin Quote

Original photo courtesy of Katja Goljat

I missed the President's Day Intensive this year because it was so close to me moving back to New York, but now that I'm living in the state, I'm just a short train ride away from Sifu's house so I was definitely in attendance for the Instructors Intensive! Taking the train is a great way to make the trip, although I hit two hours worth of delays on the ride home, which made for a REALLY long day.

Below are my notes from the Intensive training, which I had tweeted out to my account on Twitter (@luoyegongfu) over the course of the weekend.  Keep in mind that I will be doing this as a regular thing from now on any time I'm with Sifu, so if you follow my tweets and have a question about one, you can tweet back at me and I'll ask Sifu to clarify directly.  Kind of a way for you to be there and participate in the training through Twitter, and of course, if you have any questions after the fact, you can drop a question or just leave a comment in the comments section below!

I think for me personally this pretty much summed up the theme of the weekend, which was sort of a follow up from the stuff we worked on in Arizona in March. If you read carefully, you'll see Sifu reiterates the point several times throughout the notes.


In the next tweet, Sifu was discussing his approach to getting the students to pay attention and shift their view, so by "strike" he means like a verbal strike / question.

At this point I begin to make some notes for myself / things that pertain more directly to things I'm working on, or seemed like insights at the time, but are not quotes coming from Sifu, but my own thoughts. All of these tweets lead with "Personal:"

Here we have Sifu elaborating on the "Four Qualities Of Relaxation"