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We are delighted to announce that Grandmaster Sam F.S. Chin continues to be recognized worldwide for his life work and stellar contributions of spreading his family art I Liq Chuan, specifically, the Zhong Xin Dao (ZXD) process. At the heart of ZXD process stand Zen and Tao principles that help practitioners to gain wisdom as they practice to apply the philosophy, concepts, and principles to cultivate self and others.

I Liq Chuan Board Members of Government Sport Association Registered in Malaysia

Persatuan Kemajuan I Liq Chuan, Selangor Dan Wilayah Persekutuan 

The Kalama Sutta is the Buddha's exposition on free inquiry. The Buddha often advised those who listened to his talks to "come and see" or "be a lamp unto yourself". GM Sam Chin hopes all students will look deeply into this passage so they might recognize the "one feel of suchness" from their own direct experience.

The Kalama Sutta states (Pali expression in parentheses):[4]

Master Sam Chin on the Cover of Qi Magazine, Jan. '99Since childhood, Sam Chin (Chin Fan-Siong) trained Kung Fu traditionally with his father, the founder of I Liq Ch'uan. He has won championships in T'ai Chi push-hands and kick-boxing tournaments, and is the Chief instructor of the system in U.S.A. Prior to his arrival in U.S. seven years ago Sam had taught for 16 years in Malaysia and Australia. He currently holds classes in Kent,NY at Chuang Yen Monastery and in New York City.