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2016 Academic Approach

Dr. Nancy Watterson and Lan Tran, appointed Co-Directors of Zhong Xin Dao Academic Approach,  teach the course “Martial Arts and the Diaspora” at Cabrini University. This course has now been offered three semesters as an elective in American Studies (AST) through the Dept. of History and Political Science. In Spring of 2017, a new course “Conflict & Cooperation” will be offered through the Cabrini University curriculum which further expounds on Zhong Xin Dao and its emphasis on knowing one’s self.  Through this focus, the course fulfills a “Values” designation, now part of the institution’s Core Curriculum。 

At the University of Pennsylvania Dr.Nancy Watterson and Lan Tran offered a graduate-level seminar “Moved to Learn: Embodied Cognition, Arts of Awareness, and Applied Ethnography” / Folk 579 through the Master of Liberal Arts Program. This course emphasized Zhong Xin Dao and learning how to learn as explored through the lens of different cultures’ and disciplines’ approaches to awareness.  Both the Cabrini and Upenn courses revolve around a diagnostic and assessment process created in conjunction with Master Sam Chin.

Nancy and Lan had applied in 2014 for a grant to create a diagnostic rubric based on Chin Family I Liq Chuan’s curriculum. They received the grant from the Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education (SEPCHE) initiative, for their proposal, “Moved to Learn: Assessing Students' Awareness of Learning Processes through Mindful Martial Arts.” The project, part of a larger Teagle Foundation grant on “Building Faculty Capacity for 21st Century Teaching,” explored the use of metacognitive strategies that combine movement and awareness, mindfulness and martial arts.”  It is this diagnostic rubric that shapes all the academic courses and which Nancy and Lan have presented on at various national and international conferences, including the Martial Arts Studies Conference in Wales, UK during July 2016.

As the ZXD Educational Component continues to develop, Sam Chin has tasked one of his US Senior instructors, Richard Kelly, to refine the youth curriculum he has developed and has been implementing in New Paltz, NY along with fellow ZXD/ILC student Carisa Barrello. Kelly is working with Kim Dyer, high school teacher and ILC instructor to develop an innovative K-12 school-based curriculum that can be implemented in diverse educational settings. Working together, Rich Kelly, Nancy Watterson, and Lan Tran consult on Zhong Xin Dao Academic Initiatives that span K-16+.

-Dr.Nancy Watterson